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Unable to access custom plugin backend

So, I just created a new plugin and i’ve added capabilities, a new role, linked them all together, etc.. etc.. but for some reason I’m unable to access my own backend. Error message is the generic You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. Code to create the Menu on the backend add_menu_page( […]

Managing Users and Creating Groups

We’re going to be transitioning from a small, outdated CMS that’s no longer supported, to WordPress for our new CMS. Our old CMS allows us to restrict access on the back-end so that by default User A couldn’t edit content created by User B. Our old CMS also allows us to create teams/groups, so that […]

Auto-Upgrade to 4.2.2 fails because theme functions.php is included instead of wp-includes/functions.php

I’m trying to upgrade WordPress to the latest 4.2.2. On the screen, I’m seeing: Downloading update from… Unpacking the update… Could not create directory. Installation Failed And in the php error log, I get PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_action() in /home/userhome/public_html/wp-content/themes/launchframe/functions.php on line 81, referer: What appears to be happening […]

You need to login with a user that has edit posts capacity?

I have a network blog and after the user has created a site they are getting an error when trying to save their post: You need to login with a user that has edit posts capacity Shouldn’t they have edit posts capacity when they’ve created their account?

Plugins & backup not working correctly on new Digital Ocean server

So I just fired up a new Digital Ocean droplet running Ubuntu 15.10×64 and I’m setting up a WordPress environment. I am setting it up from scratch without a WordPress image. I followed a lot of the tutorials on Digital Ocean to get setup, and the site is running pretty well. I did not setup […]

Auto-update failing with “hardened” permissions

I’ve attempted to set up my wordpress install as recommended in the Codex’s “Hardening WordPress” article. That is: All files are 644, all folders are 755 Everything owned by the user account wp-content is writeable by the web server account (it’s 775 and group-owned by apache’s account) The Codex document says auto-update should work with […]

wordpress theme install failing

I am trying to install wordpress theme on my site, but is failing with message Could not copy file. catch-responsive/404.php Folder permissions are as – ftp user is owner of the whole wordpress folder permissions are set as 755 for the wordpress folder When I start theme installation, it downloads into upgrade folder correctly but […]

How can I create a profile field group that the user can't see?

Profile field groups allow you to create distinct collections of profile fields. Is there a way to set permissions on one of those field groups so that even the user requires a certain level of access to view or modify their own? Perhaps there’s something set up for metadata? I run an online tutoring service […]

Groups and subgroups for permission

I have a problem. I would like to have “groups” to give access to posts. And “subgroups” to show different sections of that post. A simple example: “Only users from Group 1 can access to Post 1. And if the user belongs to subgroup 1, can read first paragraph“. How can I do it?

WordPress monthly upload directory owner set to root

This is a weird one. WordPress by default stores uploaded media in monthly sub-directories of the uploads directory. Eg wp-content/uploads/2016/07/ On one of my sites, this directory’s owner gets set to “root:root”, which means that nothing can be uploaded to the directory via the web server. Any ideas what might cause this behaviour? I can […]