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Separete trackbacks/pings and numbered comments

I’ve been googling around for tutorials of how to a) number the comments in the comment list and b) seperate trackbacks/pings from the rest of your comments. All the tutorials seem to be out of date?! They all suggest you look for something in your comment.php file that I haven’t seen in any newer theme […]

Compact pingback list with favicons

On a blog with pingbacks and trackbacks (pings) enabled I want to show just a link with link text and a favicon of the external site in a compact list: no date, no text. How can I do that?

How can I delete all my existing trackbacks?

I’m sorting out a long-neglected blog. It has over 100,000 pieces of trackback spam. How can I remove them all?

How to show Disqus comments and pingbacks?

I use disqus to handle comments on my blog. I also like to have pingbacks from various posts back and forth to each other (and from outside sources. However, I noticed today that while the comment count at the bottom of a post will show the total number of “comments” (including pingbacks), only the Disqus […]

How to disable WordPress trackbacks?

I have high Google Page Rank, and as a result of that, lots of spammers make trackbacks. Every day I have to delete them. Will those trackbacks negatively affect my site’s SEO? How can I disable all trackbacks on my site? I have run the following code in my MySQL admin and using the WordPress […]

Pings and replies

If in a theme for WordPress comments were separated from pings, would it makes sense to keep the option of reply to them in the discussion? (ie visualize the reply link for pings too). Thanks for helping.

pingback returns faultCode 0, no message

I have implemented my own pingback client and sent out pingbacks to different hosts. Some wordpress instances responded to the XML-RPC pingback request with a faultCode of 0 and an empty faultMessage. What can be the cause for that?

Does blocking xmlrpc.php affect pinging update services like pingomatic

Because there are a lot of attacks lately on xmlrpc.php, I want to block access to this file or disable it. I am aware some remote updating functions won’t work (like the mobile app) but that doesn’t matter in my case. However, I want to be sure the updating services (like pinging Pingomatic) are not […]

Notify WordPress Site I Have Linked To Them

I have noticed that when a WordPress site puts a link to my site in a post it shows their website in the comments section of my site. I’m wonder how could I make my PHP application do this? I mean when I link to a WordPress site in my application it will show up […]

How do I permanently disable Pingbacks?

How can I permanently disable pingbacks on my wordpress multi user installation? I have disabled access to the wp-trackback.php file through permissions (chmod 000 trackback.php) thinking this would stop any pingbacks from being received. I do not want to run any SQL queries on the posts table, as there is a separate posts table for […]