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exclude pingbacks from wordpress SQL query

Does anybody know how to exclude pingbacks from this query? I tried to add AND post_type = ‘comment’ after AND post_password = ” but this didn’t work. $query = “select wp_posts.*, coalesce(( select max(comment_date) from $wpdb->comments wpc where wpc.comment_post_id = AND comment_approved = 1 AND post_password = ” ), wp_posts.post_date ) as mcomment_date from […]

Disable comments and pingbacks on old custom post types

This SQL code will disable pingbacks on old posts and pages: UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status=’closed’ WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ AND post_type = ‘post’; UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status=’closed’ WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ AND post_type = ‘page’; I am looking to disable comments and pingbacks on all of my old custom post types. Also by default I […]

Using defer or async JavaScript attributes prevents pingbacks and trackbacks from being sent

I’m using the following code to defer all JavaScript files on my site but have struggled with pingbacks and trackbacks; they don’t work anymore. It seems that WordPress is using some JavaScript to detect or send pingbacks and trackbacks out. Does anyone know how the write an exception for pingbacks and trackbacks, or why its […]

Delay the ping to Google when publishing new Posts or Pages

When a Post/Page is published, WP helpfully informs Google about it. But it has happened few times that someone accidentally publishes a product Page before the launch, they of course unpublish it in the same minute, but it’s already beamed into Google (if I’m not mistaken). Is there a way add a few minute delay […]

Why don't I see pingbacks?

I installed two WordPress instances on my site. One is and the other is Now, I made a post on wp1 and then linked to it on wp2. I didn’t see anything about pingbacks. I tried several pages/posts and saw no pingbacks. Why? Where should I be seeing them, and why don’t I […]

Comments vs. Pingbacks next page issue

I have a really annoying problem. If there are no comments, comments won’t show up. If there are no pingbacks, won’t show up. However, if there are pingbacks and I have a lot of comments, so there’s a page 2, page 3 etc. of comments, then the following happens: The pingbacks show up properly on […]

Turn off trackback/pingbacks and comments on all existing multisite sites

I want to turn of trackbacks and pingbacks. Is there a way to turn them off on all existing posts and pages on all sites within a multi-site install? Then set the option not to allow trackback and pingsbacks in the setting for each existing sites?

Disqus comments and pingback script – how to change the order?

I am using the “modular demo solution without wp_list_comments()” for showing trackbacks and pingbacks next to Disqus comments. And I would like to know how to change the order of output? With these script, the trackbacks/pingbacks are placed above the comments. I would like to place them below the comments. Can anybody help me with […]

Separete trackbacks/pings and numbered comments

I’ve been googling around for tutorials of how to a) number the comments in the comment list and b) seperate trackbacks/pings from the rest of your comments. All the tutorials seem to be out of date?! They all suggest you look for something in your comment.php file that I haven’t seen in any newer theme […]

Compact pingback list with favicons

On a blog with pingbacks and trackbacks (pings) enabled I want to show just a link with link text and a favicon of the external site in a compact list: no date, no text. How can I do that?