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call other shortcode in the email contactform7 send

Please advise how I can call other shortcode in the email contactform7 send. Here is my code: function show_bill( $wpcf7 ) { $wpcf7 .= do_shortcode(‘[pdf-embedder url=]’); return $wpcf7 } Thanks

I need to do redirect in functions.php

I use contact form 7 and I save my data in bbdd when the form is fill. For that use: add_action( ‘wpcf7_before_send_mail’, ‘save_form’ ); function save_form( $wpcf7 ) { global $wpdb; $submission = WPCF7_Submission::get_instance(); if ( $submission ) { $submited = array(); $submited[‘title’] = $wpcf7->title(); $submited[‘posted_data’] = $submission->get_posted_data(); } $data = array( ’empresa’ => $submited[‘posted_data’][‘your-empresa’], […]

Pass get data from anchor URL

Using the plugin Dynamic Text for Contact Form 7: [dynamictext dynamictext-788 “CF7_GET key=’tier'” uneditable=’on’ ] I am trying to pass the data to the field like this: <a class=”x-btn lightbox-selector” href=”#types?tier=Test1″ data-type=”inline”>Register Interest</a> When the user clicks the button, lightbox loads up with the contact form inside. However, the data Test1 is not passed in […]

Contact Form 7 – how manipulate data before mail is sent?

I am creating a bilingual site. I have a form with various fields and one of them is a datepicker (using the template’s tools – the datepicker passes thedata in a text field). When the user chooses “English” for a strange reason the date changes format and from dd-mm-yy becomes mm-dd-yy. I was not able […]

Contact form 7 issue with jquery – hiding/showing fields

This question already has an answer here: $ not defined using jQuery in WordPress 3 answers

Remove welcome panel from contact form 7 page

I’m trying to remove the welcome panel showing in the contact form page, like in the picture attached, but every code i found removing only the welcome panel in dashboard. I want it to disappear. Thank you

Using CFDB7 vs Custom MySQL Database

I am using Contact Form 7 in the front end to create pages. I want to store all the user entered information into the MySQL database. Should I do it via PHP code. Could someone explain me with an example?

Store and Encrypt Contact Form 7 Submissions in Database?

I have an additional security requirement (in addition to SSL) and I’m looking for a method (either a plugin or custom solution) of how to encrypt and store submissions from Contact Form 7 in the database. For example there are plugins such as Flamingo that allow the submissions to to be stored in the DB, […]

Contact form sender email

I’ve spent huge amount of hours on Google and can’t find the solution. I am using WordPress and I want to find some plugin or any other solution which can do the following: When user sends contact form on my website I receive it on my Gmail but sender email is default WordPress email. I […]

Jquery contact form to send mail to admin

I’m propably going to need to use some form of Ajax here. But i’m pretty new to the Ajax usage withing WordPress. It is about the following. I have a WordPress contact form that uses Bootstrap Validator and some Javascript to have a nice feel to it. I used the contact from from codepen and […]