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get values from contact form 7 wp plugin

I am using contact form 7 plugin in my blog.I am having donate option in the form with price option in radio button. user can select and submit.After submitting the form it should redirect to the paypal. with selected price . i tried on_sent_ok: “location = ‘’;” in additional option in form management. But here […]

Contact Form 7 Data As Attachment

I want data submitted through Contact Form 7 to be sent as an attachment as opposed to text / html inside the email body. Specifically I want this attachment to be in CSV format, which should be relatively straight forward to format based on the contact form 7 fields, but this depends upon whether it […]

How to execute a server side script when contact form 7 is submitted?

I am new to wordpress and I am trying to create a simple form. I am currently using contact form 7 and so far it find it nice. But now, I am trying to execute a server side code when the form is submitted. Basically, what I just want is to get the post variables […]

Reset recaptcha contact form 7

I have multiple forms(contact form 7) in a page and need to reset the recaptcha after the form is submitted via ajax. I checked recaptcha API and it has grecaptcha.reset(); but it resets only first recaptcha in a page. Following is the method to target a specific recaptcha according to recaptcha API: grecaptcha.reset( opt_widget_id ) […]

Why not to include reference to /wp-admin/admin.php in Plugin

Contact Form 7 recently pushed out an update which caused a few conflicts in other plugins. WPCF7 Author explains that it’s because plugins are including calls to wp-admin/admin.php in their scripts which you shouldn’t do in a plugin. Takayuki Miyoshi explains it here but I’m not sure I understand exactly why it would cause any […]

How can I send to multiple Contact Form 7 recipients based on form input?

We are running a competition whereby we need to send emails out to email addresses that are entered on a form. I’m using Contact Form 7 to do this. I thought this would be straightforward but the form will not accept the syntax of: [friend1-email], [friend2-email], [friend3-email], [friend4-email], [friend5-email] In the To or Bcc field. […]

Contact Form 7: Redirecting on a condition?

I am doing a survey using the plugin “Contact Form 7”. I want to insert an acceptance box. ONLY if people check this box and click “submit”, they should be redirected to another page, where I am going to ask for their e-Mail-addresses. If they don’t check “acceptance” there should be no redirecting. How can […]

Dynamically send pdf attached to post with contact form 7

I’m trying to send a dynamic pdf that is attached to a post via the plugin contact form 7. I assume I need to use the hook: add_action(‘wpcf7_before_send_mail’,’send_pdf’); As it’s been the hook I’ve seen used most commonly when looking for a solution. Here’s what I have, I’ve just been trying with a test pdf […]

Contact Form 7 add ID to radio buttons

Need some assistance to dynamically generate IDs for a group of radio buttons in Contact Form 7. Example: <span class=”wpcf7-list-item”> <label id=”test01″> <input type=”radio” name=”test” value=”Test”>&nbsp; <span class=”wpcf7-list-item-label”>Test</span> </label> </span> <span class=”wpcf7-list-item”> <label id=”test02″> <input type=”radio” name=”test2″ value=”Test2″>&nbsp; <span class=”wpcf7-list-item-label”>Test</span> </label> </span> Thanks!

Contact Form 7 – Send attachment to submitter?

I have installed the Contact Form 7 plugin on my WP 3.2.1 instance. I have setup a contact form for users to request evaluations. This is all working fine, but I was hoping that when they submitted a request, I could ping them an email with an attached product brochure. I have it currently setup […]