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Custom Post Types,Permalink and Heirarchy

Basicly I want to indroduce a custom heirarchy with custom post types. I Would like it to be like this. The Main Brands URL : http://localhost/brands/ which lists different types of Brands. The personal Brand URL : http://localhost/brands/nike which displays overview of brand “nike” andlinks to different post types made by that particular Brand Account. […]

I want to filter my products with attributes

I have ebook store, where all the books are listed, everything is done.. In products, publisher and author added as a custom attributes. Now I want to filter the products on the basis of attributes…, Need: Just need to set its links, because I create a publisher page in which all the book publishers name […]

Limiting the Archive page to posts posted by particular author

I am on Archive Page of a custom post type gallery. I have introduced custom permalink variable – author_id. Lets say i get the permalink variable in $perm_author_id. I want to compare $perm_author_id and get_the_author_meta(ID) and then display the posts if they are equal. How can I limit posts displayed on the archive page on […]

How to display archive page posts based on author_id

I would like the posts to be displayed on archive page of custom post – gallery based on author_id i.e. the author_id is passed as permalink variable. The posts displayed on archive page would be only those posts published by author whose author_id is passed. My custom post gallery archive page has the url http://localhost/?post_type=gallery […]

Make custom post available under main domain directly?

i have a custom post type called project. The shortlinks are all i want to change that to someone knows what I have to change in, i reckon permalinks settings, to be able to do that?

How to create new content type and flushes rewrite rules without visiting the permalinks page?

I could not found a realiable way to create new content type and allow the permalink structure works. Every place where someone wants to let the permalink structure works to a new content type in WordPress I read that the user needs to visit the Settings > Permalinks admin page. Lots of reference also mentioning […]

Don't change Custom Post Type slug to unique value

I have a situation where it is needed that if I create two CPT pages wich both have the same name and the same slug. For example, if I add two CPT pages, wich both called “Post Name”: The first slug will be “post-name”, The second slug will be “post-name-2”. Because I added a custom […]

Remove custom permalink structure from custom post type without modifying register_post_type() directly

I’m using a custom permalink structure for my posts, /blog/%postname%/. I installed a plugin which registers a custom post type, glossary. I don’t want this post type to use the custom permalinks structure that standard posts are using. I believe that setting ‘rewrite’ => array(‘with_front’ => false) when the post type is registered will accomplish […]

Custom permalink with two parameters

I am using custom structure for permalink: /%postname%/%page%/%year%/. When I navigate to http://wordpress-serv/projects-teams/designers/19/2013, it gives me 404 “Page not found”. Nonetheless, it is working fine with http://wordpress-serv/projects-teams/designers/19 (without year) and get_query_var(‘page’); is returning 19. Now, I just need the value of get_query_var(‘year’) instead of getting weird 404.. Here is what the .htaccess file looks like: […]

Passing URL parameters to WordPress pages and pretty url

I create shortcode like this function test_func( $atts ) { return $_GET[‘myvar’]; } add_shortcode( ‘test’, ‘test_func’ ); and one page with this name myparameters so this is the final url if I try this works perfect But i like have pretty url or friendly url like this But show page not found. […]