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need advice on how to do a lists using custom post types – taxonomy vs postmeta

i am building a lists plugin …. i want to have a custom post type “lists” and then obviously also there would be a number of list items for each list …. i have read a fair bit of stuff about taxonomies vs postmeta but i’m still unsure as to which i should use or […]

Good tools for locating hooks in a wordpress page/admin interface/blog post?

I’ve recently started using the Hikari Hooks plugin for WordPress as it seems to allow you to get a good idea of what do_actions are being called on the page, so that you can easily find out where potential hooks for plugin code might lie. Are there better tools/plugins for accomplishing the same thing? In […]

How to prevent specific plugin files or subfolders from appearing under “plugin files” listing

I have a folder inside my plugin that’s used to store cached data for the application. There’s no need for the user to edit these files so I’d like to remove this folder’s files from appearing in the “Plugin files” listing that appears in the right sidebar when editing the plugin files via “Plugins > […]

How to add HTML / Form to an Admin Bar Menu

I’d like to add a custom form to the admin bar in WordPress. is there a way to accomplish this? So far all of the documentation seems to only allow the addition of simple text links.

How can I add/append content to the_content on the home page via a plugin?

As a proof of concept, I’d like to create a simple plugin that loads some content, say “hello world” just after the_content on the home page only. How can I do this from a plugin?

Converting theme widgets to plugins?

i need a help, i have a theme, where in i have a twitter widget, i just want to separate it, and keep it in different file, as if it is a plugin, here are is the complete code, what i have to do? this code was in file admin-functions.php /*———————————————————————————–*/ /* Twitter’s Blogger.js output […]

Finding the paragraphs in content

I am trying to create two functions, one that catches the first paragraph of some content, and one that catches the rest, but I have hit a bit of a conundrum. I have this in my single.php: <div class=’the_content’> <?php the_content(); ?> </div> which produces: <div class=”the_content”> <p>The content …..</p> <p>The content …..</p> <p>The content […]

What's the difference between hooks, filters and actions?

This question already has an answer here: Difference Between Filter and Action Hooks? 3 answers

Adding plugin settings link upon activation

Here I want to have upon activation of my wordpress plugins activation Before Activation Activate | Edit | Delete After Activation Settings | Edit | Delete How can this be done in code to add this Menu

Force plugin to fail activation

I’m writing a plugin that will be using custom fields added by a theme. Because of this, it would be ideal if my plugin not be able to activate should these fields not exist. How do I go about displaying an error and forcing the activation to fail?