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Event Organiser: Event list includes regular Posts & custom fields?

I’ve recently tried setting up and using the plugin, Event Organiser. Unfortunately, when using the shortcode on my Calendar page it appears to have included the regular blog posts in the stream. They’re not displayed the same way as my events list but if I remove that shortcode they also go away and I can’t […]

Link for 'Show all Events Categories'

I expect this is a silly question but could you please tell me, what is the link to ‘show all categories’ in the event organiser plugin By Stephen Harris. Sorry to be daft.

How to use get_categories() with Event Organiser plugin

I want to display my categories in tabs. All is good, except my “Upcoming Events”, created with Event Organiser (awesome plugin at, are not being treated like a normal category, so they don’t appear. In essence, get_categories() is not returning the events category. How can I fix this display? $args = array(‘type’=> ‘post’, ‘order’ […]

How to list events by category and month with plugin Event Organiser?

I need to display a list of events by category and month. For example I need to list all the Mountain Bike events in July.

Short code for Venues

I am using the Event Organiser plug in and I am trying to setup the “venues.” In the post my client and I would like a little more information on the venue to appear, I found the short code for the Google Map, but there is no other information. When I click on the location […]

Using customised language file for Event Organiser plugin?

I’m using WP 3.4.1 with German language files and started using the Event Organiser plugin. This plugins already comes with some German language files, but I’m not 100% happy with it due to following reasons: Some typos Mixture of informal (Du) and formal (Sie) usage Some unusual sentence structure (translated one by one from English […]