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WP booking system plugin?

I’m a bit overwhelmed with the googling I’m doing and thought I’d turn to the community for recommendations: I need a booking engine which will : Allow Events to be posted including dates, locations etc Set a max ticket allocation Have Paypal Integration Ability to dump out sales data to a csv would be nice.. […]

All in One Calendar Plugin Custom Post Type Query

Hi I’m trying to write a query which will pull the events out from the All in One Calendar Plugin. This is what I have so far: <?php query_posts(‘post_type=ai1ec_event’);?> <?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?> <?php echo ‘<h5><a href=”‘.get_permalink().'”>’.get_the_title().'</a></h5>’; ?> <?php endwhile; ?><!– End the Loop –> This works well to get the […]

How to get a Jewish/English event calendar on a page in WordPress?

What I need is an event calendar to display both the english and Jewish dates, but have it be based on the hebrew date. With this people could input the date of an anniversary and have it reappear every year on the hebrew date and just show what date that would translate to in the […]

Can WordPress handle these functionalities?

I’m a front-end designer/developer whose weapon of choice for the back-end is WordPress. Up to this point all of my projects involving WordPress were fairly basic and it has handled everything beautifully. I just landed a new client that wants some extra functionality built into his next project and I’m hoping some of you WordPress […]

All-in-One Event Calendar: Custom Query – Getting each event Instance

I am using the All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely, and I would like to display upcoming events from the events calendar in a carousel on a separate page, and I need to get the event information. I am using the ai1ec helpers and get_events_between to get the events within a certain date range (between today […]