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Missing Jetpack Contact Form button when running locally

I am running JetPack locally using the following define (‘JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG’, true); in my wp-config.php file. It’s running fine, however after activating Contact Form, the button is not appearing when creating/editing a page. I’ve checked the JetPack settings and Contact Form is shown as active, yet the button is not appearing. I’ve checked for errors in […]

Why I can't modified jetpack default blank.jpg on og:image?

I would like to change jetpack default blank.jpg atribute on og:image. I readed some artcile in this subject, but not realy helped me. Here some trys: /** * Override the default OpenGraph tags */ add_filter( ‘jetpack_open_graph_tags’, function( $tags ) { $tags[‘twitter:site’] = ‘@ourhandle’; $tags[‘twitter:creator’] = ‘@ourhandle’; $tags[‘og:site_name’] = ‘Our Site Name’; // the og:image key […]

How to allow users to write jetpack custom post types?

I am using latest version of WordPress and jetpack. I have used custom post type ui plugin for custom post type which allow user to write custom posts, but this is not supporting jetpack publicize feature.So i have to use jetpack post type for publicize support.But jetpack post types don’t allow users to write. Can […]

Jetpack JSON API configure button not showing

Installed fresh WP on my Hostgator – shared host plan. Installed Jetpack, connected to wordpress but can’t make the JSON API to work. After activating there’s no Configure button just deactivate button and i’m stuck. Thank you

How do I update the site URL used by Jetpack subscribe widget

We have our blog on a dev server. I installed Jetpack and connected it to We want users to subscribe to our post so I put the jetpack subscribe widget in the right side. Now when you click to subscribe you get the email and its exposing our Dev url which is not good. […]

Jetpack social icons in other places on site

I believe Jetpack is using “Font Awesome” to display social icons. This is the css content: “\f203″; to display facebook for example. If I look in the site source I can’t find anywhere the “Font Awesome” being downloaded. How does this works? The thing is that I just want to use those icons in my […]

How do i import email addresses into subscriptions?

I have a CSV file with email addresses i want to import into WordPress.coms Jetpack subscriptions.

Hide Jetpack for Contributor

I installed jetpack to my wordpress blog site. How can I hide jetpack to contributors, and show it only to administrators? Thanks

Jetpack could not contact wordpress

I recently created a site and installed Jetpack and activated it, but it gives me the following error: Jetpack could not contact register_http_request_failed. This usually means something is incorrectly configured on your web host. Failed to connect to Permission denied

When someone likes an article on my blog, they are prompted to log in on

I’ve set up a blog (not a one) on a regular hosting service. I’ve installed a free theme and jetpack. The problem is, when someone attempts to like a post, they are prompted to log in to Any clue on how to solve this? I don’t get why users should be prompted to […]