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I have a self hosted blog but now the stats plugin has stopped working

I’ve got a self hosted blog and yesterday (18th March) the stats package stopped working. I’m getting the message: Your account, [account] is not authorized to view the stats of this blog. where [account] is the name of my account. I deleted and reinstalled the plugin’s package and got the following message when […]

Facebook Like Button in Jetpack

I’d like to have a Facebook Like Button (not a Facebook share, which is available) through Jetpack. There is a “Add a new service” and I’ve tried various parts of code from all over but always gets an “An error occurred creating your new sharing service – please check you gave valid details.” Anyone knows […]

Optimizing Jetpack for WordPress

Yslow reports following issues with Jetpack: 1) Compress using gzip 2) Configure etags for… Modified the format so that it is easier to understand. How can I take action against these items. I am already using latest version of W3 Total cache plugin. Pls advise.

Jetpack Infinite scroll conflicting with theme's pre_get_posts custom posts_per_page

I have the current function on my theme using pre_get_posts, currently right at the bottom of my theme’s functions.php file: function mytheme_portfolio_archive_pages( $query ) { if ( is_admin() || ! $query->is_main_query() ) return; if ( is_post_type_archive( ‘mytheme_portfolio’ ) ) { // Display 20 posts for a custom post type called ‘mytheme_portfolio’ $query->set( ‘posts_per_page’, 20 ); […]

Setting Login with User Name and Password default option for Jetpack Admin Login

I am working on a new project with WordPress using the Jetpack plugin. Jetpack add the option to Login using WordPress Account as the default method of login, if not, then you have to click on a link under to login as traditionally was done with user name and password. Is there a way to […]

What does this number represent in JetPack stats?

When signed into my blog, this graphic is up on top. I know it shows visitor pattern over 48 hours, but does anyone know what the number represents? I searched on the WP site, and am not finding this. Note to the closer – Jetpack is not 3rd party, it’s owned by the WP people […]

Infinite Scroll not working in own theme

I’m developing my own theme and added this in a function which is called with the hook after_setup_theme to support infinite scroll: add_theme_support( ‘infinite-scroll’, array( ‘container’ => ‘content’, ‘footer’ => false, ‘wrapper’ => false ) ); I got this from content is the id of the container the new posts should go in. footer […]

Do I need to use a new account for each Jetpack installation

I manage lots of installations for different clients. Typically they do not manage the posts or pages themselves, preferring to stay out of things and let me do it. JetPack functionality is great, but obviously you need to sign into a account within the installation to access it. My question is – is […]

Can't connect to my WordPress website using Windows 8 app?

Im trying to connect to my WordPress site (self hosted) through the Windows 8 app. First, after giving the account details, it show my site and ask me to Authorize. after authorizing, it say “Can’t connect to the service”. I have used several security plugins in wordpress like the Better WP Security. But they […]

Enable infinite scroll on single.php

I have a problem similar to the author of this thread: Possible to paginate on single.php? I am trying to enable infinite scrolling on single.php. So far I successfully load an additional 1 post when I reach the bottom of the page, but I’d really like to load more. I’ve diagnosed the problem several ways: […]