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JSON API – search by custom taxonomy

I am trying to get the posts base on some parameters. My JSON API query is as follow. Here is my JSON result for custom post. So I want to pull the post by “taxonomy_job_loc”. “taxonomy_job_loc” is custom taxonomy. May I know how can I search by custom taxonomy. “posts”: [ { “id”: 16107, […]

WP JSON API meta_query not working

In the code example below I’m using the the post title (name) as the field to store the email address while the password is in a custom field. The following query will pull the correct user but it doesn’t care if the password matches or not. I’ve scoured for hours and this is the best […]

JSON API not showing full content

I am trying to create a Windows Store App using IdeaPress, which relies on the JSON API Plugin. Unfortunately requesting recent_posts returns just content up to the <!–more–> tag. I’d like to display the whole post, though. Any ideas on how to do this? This is my json code.

wordpress JSONAPI introspector always limits number at 10?

I’m a little new to WordPress and the JSON API so forgive me if this is a newbie question but i’m trying to get all of the posts of a few different custom post types and return them as JSON via my own JSON controller (extending the JSON API) if I do this: $posts = […]

Why is json_decode failing?

I’m trying to determine if this is related to my having the latest version of PHP on my server while using the latest version of WordPress. Or if I’m just doing it wrong: Here’s my function that is correctly returning values (I can see them when I do an echo or a var dump): function […]

Create post using JSON api plugin

I am working on a project where the user writes their content on one wordpress blog (as a draft) but wants it published on their own wordpress blogging site. This seems strange but it is the core concept for the business as the writers are collaborative and so that’s now what can be changed. I’ve […]

Hook Into the_content Filter For JSON API Only

I’m trying to figure out a way to remove the shortcodes from my JSON output which I’m using the WordPress JSON API for. I need to remove the shortcodes from the content before do_shortcode is applied which will cause the shortcodes to render. The reason being that they will break in my mobile app (they […]

Can you use a WordPress permalink to get a post with the JSON API?

New to the WordPress JSON API ( and what I’m trying to do is get a post using it’s permalink, not the id. So for instance, it would be /wp-json/posts/my-post instead of /wp-json/post/23 I tried it but keep getting: [{“code”:”json_no_route”,”message”:”No route was found matching the URL and request method”}] And yes, my .htaccess file is […]

Get subcategories with JSON API plugin

How to get subcategories with JSON API wordpress plugin? I see how to get categories, but what is the way to get categories with subcategories at the same time? How should I modify the existing code? public function get_category_index() { global $json_api; $args = null; if (!empty($json_api->query->parent)) { $args = array( ‘parent’ => $json_api->query->parent ); […]

mod_rewrite doesn't work as I want even with JSON API Plugin disabled

I’ve been asked to upgrade the codebase of a WordPress website, which exposes a small set of APIs using JSON API plugin. The WordPress installation is not in the root, but in a secondary folder: /root test/new_api.php wordpress/ <<—– index.php And the JSON API plugin was set to intercept external GET requests like this: […]