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Customize individual parts of the list – List Category Posts plugin

I was just wondering if there was anyway to customize individual parts of the lists. So for instance if you go to my site at and check out the Features page, if you look at the top where it says Gaming’s Most Memorable Moments.. is there a way for JUST the title link to […]

Im Trying to link the thumbnail image

I am trying to link my thumbnail image that is displayed by the list-category-post plugin on this page… I am using a custom template and have managed to get it linked to “#” using this code. //Post Thumbnail $lcp_display_output .= ‘<a href=”#”>’; $lcp_display_output .= $this->get_thumbnail($single); $lcp_display_output .= ‘</a>’; I know there is a way […]

Format the output of List category posts plugin

I wanted to have the first few lines (say 5 lines) of individual user posts with a particular tag to appear along with their featured image on a particular page. My search for a plugin to do the same took me to your plugin “List category posts” and found that it does things I want […]

List Category Posts V0.21 upgrade breaks site

I just upgraded the List Category Posts plugin from 0.18.3 to 0.21 and my website has failed. I’ve determined that the difference causing the failure is that the previous version passes a string parameter to get_posts() while the new version sends the arguments as an array. The problem is that the default value for post_parent=0 […]

Custom post template for particular category

Here is my issue: I have one parent category with many sub-categories below it, e.g. Category Sub category sub-sub category…… sub-sub category…… sub-sub category…… sub-sub category…… sub-sub category…… …….. I used the WP dTree plugin to show the categories as a tree. Now I want that when I click any sub-sub category…… that it shows […]

Display list of categories filtered by date?

I have a sidebar on our intranet which lists, hierarchically, posts by category. Such as: — HR —Events —-Picnic However, this list has gotten long, and some categories are no longer even used. I would like to only category links where there are posts less than a year old. Right now, I am using the […]

Trouble with editing template for “List category posts” plugin

WP 3.0.4 local installation, multisite network enabled theme: Twentyten plugin: List Category Posts v .15, network activated I’ve created the folder list-category-posts inside my theme folder, and placed default.php inside it. Edited default.php and saved as lcp_template_1.php inside same folder. However, the changes are not appearing at all. I’m trying to change the style of […]

List Category Posts rewrite necessitates rewrite of customised templates

I just upgraded the List Category Posts plugin from .17 to .18.3, and it broke my customised template :(. My setup: WP 3.0.4 multisite network enabled, local installation with MAMP, PHP 5.3.2. LCP plugin installed automatically. Works fine with the default template. However, you’ve rewritten the code such that the template had to be rewritten […]

No posts are being listed by <plugin-list-category-post>

I just installed the List Category Post plugin, and I’ve followed the directions. No posts are being listed. For example, at the end of this page, there should be a list, and it’s just blank. Is the plugin working on 3.1?

Getting the “more” tag to work with plugin-list-category-post

I know the List category posts has an attribute to show only an excerpt from the post, but I can’t seem to get the plugin to work for the WordPress tag break. Does the plugin recognize the tag?