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How to add MailChimp subscribe widget to a page? (not a sidebar widget)

I am trying to create a dedicated landing page where the only thing there will be the sign-up form to join my mailing list. Is there a way to do that? I already have MailChimp widget on the sidebar of my blog posts, but this is slightly different. Thanks!

How to add a Custom Mailchimp AJAX Newsletter Subscribe Form

I want to add a custom Mailchimp AJAX Newsletter Subscribe Form to my WP Blog. I found this tutorial and have followed it: I’ve got the example in working order, but only if I make the mailchimp-subscribe.php file a template and then add it as a page in WP Admin. I’ve then set the […]

action theme mailchimp subscriber fields

I’m running the Action wordpress Theme. One of the widget that can be used to sign up users to a mailchimp list. The thing is, there are only 2 fields to fill in. Name and email. Now the list has multiple merge fields, but the because the form only has a ‘name’ field, it fills […]

MailChimp integration that allows users to select from multiple lists

I’m integrating Mailchimp signup into a WP install and I have 2 questions. What is the best way or best plugin to integrate mailchimp signup? Is it possible to allow the user to select from multiple lists to be subscribed to. I realize the latter is more closely related to MailChimp but I’m hoping that […]

How do I create an alternate RSS feed for tags with custom image sizes for MailChimp?

I am looking to create an alternate RSS feed for a specific group of tags with custom image sizes to be used with MailChimp. Is it possible to customize RSS feeds for specific tags? For example the tag “Apple” we would like the feed to have an image size of 100×100 in the RSS feed, […]

not logged in users can't submit form

I embedded a Mailchimp newsletter registration using the mailchimp-plugin, which works just fine for logged in users and also on other websites of mine. But on this page, users who are not logged in, can’t click the submit button hof the form. It just has no effect and no error message appears. Nothing is happening. […]

Sending JSON string through wp_remote_post()

I’m building a mailchimp integration and they require a POST call with JSON code. No, I’m using this code that actually works: $data = wp_remote_post($url, array( ‘headers’ => array(‘Content-Type’ => ‘application/json; charset=utf-8’), ‘body’ => json_encode($array_with_parameters), ‘method’ => ‘POST’ )); But, it returns a PHP warning Warning: http_build_query(): Parameter 1 expected to be Array or Object. […]

Site Registration & MailChimp Coordination?

I have a client who would like to post research documents on his site for download with the following functionality: Users could browse entire site, but in order to download, users would need to register and login. Would like all registration info to be automatically passed to MailChimp (name, email, other optional info) for inclusion […]

Change “From” name in MailChimp STS plugin

I’m using the Mailchimp STS plugin for WordPress, which uses Amazon SES for transactional emails. The plugin is set up correctly, but the default “From” name appears only as “andrew” in sent emails. Since there is no option to change this in the plugin’s settings, I assume this is being grabbed from my email address […]

How to Send Group Name From MailChimp Plugin Sign Up Form

This question already has an answer here: How to add a description to the user name input field in the registration form? 1 answer