Articles of plugin mathjax

Options for math equations rendering in WP in own server

I would like to write an article for a WP-site and include math equations. The site is hosted on own/rented servers (i.e. site is not a free or paid WP-blog). The owners of the site are not technical and have no idea how to setup this but can follow simple instructions if needed. I have […]

Export blog posts with MathJax to LaTeX document?

I use MathJax to blog my mathematical thoughts. Is it possible to convert my WordPress posts (with plenty of math) into a LaTeX document? The plugin should prompt me to select posts for the paper, and should do the rest automatically.

MathJax inside shortcode

In my custom theme I included some shortcodes. One of them is called [alert]…[/alert] and results in a bootstrap alert box. It accepts a type (warning, danger, info or success), a title and the main content. The output is a simple return: return ‘<div class=”alert alert-‘ . $atts[‘type’] . ‘” role=”alert”><p class=”alert-title”>’ . $atts[‘title’] . […]

Using MathJax in text

I have installed a Mathjax plugin on my local wordpress installation, and the plugin works fine. However, I can’t get it to show Latex in-text; it creates an own line for every latex formula. I end up with pages like this (this is an extreme example to get my point across better :)): How can […]

Recommendations for a LaTeX Plugin?

I need mathematics on a WordPress site and I’m having trouble finding a suitable LaTeX plug-in. I’ve tried several solutions including MathJax (which is slow and renders inconsistently) and the WP QuickLaTeX plugin which works well but does not allow displayed equations (only inline equations) and stores all images on an external site. I’d like […]