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More Fields & Media Upload

I’m using the more types, more fields and more taxonomies plugins and they’re beyond excellent. However, I’ve found that once I remove the main wysiwyg block I no longer have access to the media upload buttons. I’ve searched extensively for an option that would give me a new upload field or different buttons but have […]

Is there a way to set the value and text for Select/Radio/Checkbox using More Fields?

I’m using more fields to add a “Voltage” field to one of my More Types using their More Fields plugin. I want to be able to order the posts by Voltage, but if I use the text values is doesn’t order properly…my values are 4.0KV, 13.6KV, 27.6KV and 44KV. I’d like to be able to […]

date/time-picker and file upload (image) fields for custom fields (e.g. with more fields)

I got used working with the More Fields plugin. But it seems that fields like datepicker timepicker date/timepicker image upload (media library) are missing somehow. Is there a plugin which can do that? I already found Advanced Custom Fields together with the Date and Time Picker Field Addon or Simple Fields. But both seems to […]

Captions for More Fields groups, not just individual fields

I’m using More Fields to create some meta boxes on my custom post type. Is it possible to have a caption for each “group” of fields in the More Fields options? I would like to provide some basic information on the post edit screen. I see you can enter a caption for each individual field […]

How do I properly format the user_role array?

I used a role editor recently and needed to delete a role. After deleting it I noticed that it began to appear as blank in the edit user role drop-down. After a bit of investigating and deleting entries from the database. I renabled more_fields and the blank boxes reappeared. I then did a db search […]