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Integrating Nextgen Gallery with Gallerific

First time posting in the WordPress area of Stack Exchange. Hopefully someone will be able to help me with an issue. I have successfully integrated Gallerific with the NextGen plugin.The one issue that I am having is that I simply cannot figure out how to rotate the image description with the image. I can only […]

NextGen Gallery different thumbnail size per gallery

How can I instruct NextGen Gallery to use different thumbnail sizes for different galleries. I have different gallery templates for use in different parts of the site, and the sizes of the thumbnails are not the same. At the moment I have to stay generating the thumbnails through the gallery management page, it would be […]

Theme localization in WPML – .mo file error

We are creating a multi-lingual multi-site (on sub-domains/domain mapping) on WordPress. We recently bought WPML WordPress plugin and installed it on the basic language (English) version. Now we are trying to work on Theme Localization. Here we are following the steps as in this guide. Here we are being instructed to install a .mo file […]

nextgen gallery: how to get picture url by gallery id

All posts in my site have custom field with nextgen gallery ID. To display gallery I use this code: $gallery_id = get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘galerijos_id’, true); // Get gallery id from custom field data if( $gallery_id ){ echo ‘<div class=”post-gallery”>’; echo nggShowGallery( $gallery_id ); // Display the gallery echo ‘</div>’; How do I get pictures urls […]

Get a list of galleries from an album in NextGEN Gallery

I want to get a list of galleries of a certain album. Than I would create a link to this galleries. How do I get the list of galleries in PHP? I saw that there is some code like global $nggdb; $gallery = $nggdb->get_gallery ($galleryID, ‘sortorder’, ‘ASC’, true, 0, 0); but is there some documentation […]

How to create additional thumbnails of custom size in nextgen gallery while uploading images?

Is there any way out to create additional thumbnails of custom size in nextgen gallery while uploading images? For example I would like to create 3 thumbnails of size 25*30, 100*50, and 400*350 to display them in certain custom pages.Or can i add custom code to resize when image upload is triggered and if so […]

problem with nextgen plugin

I have a problem with Nextgen gallery,after activating some plugins it doesn’t show the submit buttons(insert, cancel). Then i have deactivated all plugins, but that doesn’t help. I haven’t any experience with wordpress, so any suggestions would be very useful. Thanks much

NextGen Gallery – automatically create gallery sub page?

In order to use Breadcrumbs NavXT to display the title of a gallery, you need to create a new gallery subpage that the gallery will link to. Is there a way to make NextGen automatically create this gallery subpage named by the title of the gallery?

How to show only images with a certain tag with NextGEN gallery plugin?

As described, how can I show only the images with a certain tag on a WordPress blog that use NextGEN Gallery as gallery plugin? NextGEN Gallery version is 1.5.5 but I can upgrade to 1.6.2 (last) if necessary. I would like to display images with a specified tag on a new WordPress Page.

Retrieving images from a NextGEN gallery

I’m not sure if this is possible but after extensive searching I can’t find an answer. What I want to do is to get all images from a NextGEN gallery so I can display them in a custom slideshow within a page/post. Is it possible to load them into an array or edit the HTML […]