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Prevent plugins loading on all pages (Next-gen Gallery)

Is it possible to prevent Next-gen Gallery from loading on all requests? I am including WP into vBulletin using the proper WP method: define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, false); require(‘/home/username/public_html/wp-blog-header.php’); For the most part it works but Next-gen gallery is throwing lots of errors: Warning: Declaration of M_Ajax::define() should be compatible with C_Base_Module::define($id = ‘pope-modul…’, $name = ‘Pope Modul…’, […]

How to Organize and Sort Gallery of Images

I’m working on a website for an artist. He has many images that he would like a user to be able to sort and filter by custom taxonomy. In addition, he would like a user to be able to navigate through a hierarchical gallery with folders (that display a thumbnail) for each level of the […]

Using a custom field inside a shortocde

Im trying to use a custom field inside a shortocde for a nextgen gallery slider on a page. The goal is to change the gallery id by entering in the corresponding id on page creation with a custom field. This doesn’t seem to be working how I have it setup though and is just calling […]

NextGEN Conditional Statement

What I’d like to do is if the NextGEN gallery has more than one page (pagination) execute some code…I got close: <?php $nggpage = get_query_var(‘nggpage’); if ($nggpage > 1) { echo “duck”; } ?> This code appears on all pages but the first page, how do I make it work on the first page? Because […]

How can i count the images that are atacht to NextGEN Gallery

How can i count images form NextGen Gallery, the NextGen Gallery is insite a custom field. Custom field for NextGen Gallery is ” poze “ I search for it, i found this NextGen – Display Image Count Per Gallery <?php global $wpdb; $images = intval( $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $wpdb->nggpictures WHERE galleryid = {$gallery->ID}”) ); ?> […]

One picture belonging different galleries?

How can one picture belongs different galleries? For example, there are two galleries. I want to avoid loading the image twice (in two galleries) but it shown (included) in the first and second gallery.

NextGEN Gallery – open all images on page in fancybox

For now, I am not using NextGen Gallery. For now I am adding class=”fancybox” and rel=”gallery” to each image and it opens all images within a page in fancybox. However, client wants to start using it. I have to figure out if it can be used also for this purpose. Can I use NextGEN Gallery […]

Retrieving links and names of images from a NextGEN gallery

I want to add a list (like a cd track list) of names and links to all images next my nextgen gallery, how can I retrieve this list? (similar to the list in the select object in the Gallery Settings, in the gallery admin page)

How to over-ride a file in a plugin?

I have a third party plugin that I’m using for a photo gallery (NextGen). However, with my black background, the loader gif animation looks pretty bad. I found a better loader gif and replaced the one from the plugin. I already know this is not ideal because the next update of the plugin will overwrite […]

How do I attach images to a post without inserting them?

I’m developing a theme with an built-in gallery outside of the post content. So what I want to do is to allow editors to attach images to a page/post without inserting them. Kind of like the featured image, but with any number of images. Just a nice UI for uploading, and leave it to the […]