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Errors being created by admin-ajax.php

I’m building a site in WordPress and using the Ninja Forms plugin. While developing locally everything worked perfectly but now I’ve installed on my server When trying to submit a form I’m getting the following error and the form just stalls: “NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error –” admin-ajax.php ERRORS: Internal Server Error front-end.js (line […]

Storing The Data Collected by Ninja Forms into Another (custom) Database

My objective is to use Ninja Form for data collection at various places all over my website. But once that data is collected, depending on which form it came from and what data has been filled, I want to filter and store it in custom database tables. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Grab values from the query string to fill in hidden fields in ninja forms

I’ve added a custom page template where I pull out a list of available jobs from the database. The page displaying the jobs is called jobs. I’m using the Ninja forms plugin to add a form on a page called apply.php, which has fields for a job application. Now for each job title offered on […]

PHP/WordPress — How do I check if Shortcode returns content?

What I’m basically trying to do is check if a shortcode is returning any content, I’m using a plugin called Ninja forms and they have default content posting using their own shortcodes which look like this: [ninja_forms_field id=84] Assuming it works like a WordPress’s default shortcode, how would I check if it returns any content, […]

How to integrate a form (Ninja Form or Contact Form 7) with Custom Post Types?

I am creating a website where organizers can come and post their events. Data will be accepted via a form and when the user submits the form, the data must be utilized to create a custom post that must immediately get published. Anyone who fills the form must be a registered user on my website […]

Ninja Forms 3 – processing form values on submission

I have a ninja form that redirects to a thank you page. I am trying to process the values submitted in the form to display different content on the thank you page. I have achieved this in Ninja Forms 2 using the following code, but it doesn’t work in Ninja Forms 3. And I can’t […]

Create unique identifier that is displayed to the user and admin via Ninja Forms

I’m trying to source documentation on how to create a unique identifier that can be displayed to the user after form submission and to the admin that also receives the submission. User submits form User receives confirmation email with “Your code is 2290” Admin receives form confirmation “User has signed up with order X and […]

Ninja form Redirect depending on text field content

I’m using Ninja Forms and their extension to do front-end posts. They have a function that is supposed to allow you to redirect to a specific page depending on values from the form. my purpose is to have a form, in which the user writes a text, and is then redirected to a customized url […]

Character Encoding for wp_options

I’ve been looking for a solution to my problem for a while now. Under my wp_options page I have the following serialized entry saved: a:17:{s:11:”date_format”;s:5:”d/m/Y”;s:15:”currency_symbol”;s:1:”$”;s:14:”recaptcha_lang”;s:2:”en”;s:13:”req_div_label”;s:0:””;s:16:”req_field_symbol”;s:1:”*”;s:15:”req_error_label”;s:81:”Por favor, certifique-se de que todos os campos obrigatórios estão preenchidos.”;s:15:”req_field_error”;s:29:”Este é um campo obrigatório”;s:10:”spam_error”;s:53:”Por favor responda a pergunta anti-spam corretamente.”;s:14:”honeypot_error”;s:41:”Por favor, deixar o campo spam em branco.”;s:18:”timed_submit_error”;s:47:”Por favor, aguarde a […]