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How to update selective options on plugin settings page

I write a wordpress plugin. My plugin has options. All options are in one group, ‘pluginname-settings’. All option names are uniform and look like “pluginname-settings[‘option-name’]”. Some code to illustrate my case: register_setting( ‘pluginname_options’, ‘pluginname-settings’, ‘pluginname_validate’ ); add_settings_section( ‘section-one’, ‘Name of Section One’, ‘section_one_callback’, ‘pluginname_options-sectionname’ ); add_settings_field( ‘optionname’, ‘First Option’, ‘my_text_input’, ‘pluginname_options-sectionname’, ‘section-button’, array( ‘name’ => […]

Creating Admin Options Page where users can make changes to a theme

I need help to finish this last bit of php code. I’m trying to create an admin options page similar to in admin>settings>discussions like how a user can select an avatar, but instead of selecting an avatar, the user selects a style option that makes a change to the theme (by enqueueing a CSS file […]

Save and retrieve custom plugin options value

I want to save the value of input data and retrieve it, I have gone through the tutorial of otto press. I’m new to creating WordPress plugin and what I can’t understand is once I click the Save changes button, the page shows: Setting saved My question is where do the value of input go […]

Save Plugin Version Number as Option?

I seem to recall seeing a tip somewhere saying that it was a best practice to save a plugin’s version number as an option. I’m working through releasing a plugin, and I’m considering whether to do it, but since all the plugin does is make a widget (right now, it literally has no other options), […]