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Connecting a taxonomy with a post type

The setup: custom post type of ‘attorney’ custom taxonomy of ‘specialty’, which is registered against the ‘attorney’ post type custom post type of ‘practice-area’ For every specialty, there is a matching practice area. However, there are many more practice areas than there are specialties. Ideally, when viewing a practice area (say, Bankruptcy), I’d be able […]

How does it work?

I recently discovered Scribu’s Posts 2 Posts plugin, which seems to be exactly what I was looking for in order to connect pages and posts for a big editorial website. But I cannot get it to work, which is frustrating because the principle seems really easy. I followed the wiki basic usage example, in my […]

display order of connections

Is there a way to control the order in which connections are displayed ? I’ve got a Articles => Books connection so that in each article I can quote a number of books. I want to display the quoted books in the footnotes of the article. Currently, if I create say three books connections and […]

posts2posts query using connected_items array issue

My setup is as follows I hava a custom post type named ‘events’ and a custom post type named ‘genres’ which I link with scribu’s Posts2Posts plugin. Each event can have multiple genres linked to it. What I would like to do On an event page, I’d like to show other, related, events based on […]

Ordering Post 2 Post admin meta box by meta from CPT

I’ve just started using Posts 2 Posts (brilliant plugin by the way) in combination with a custom post type called “Artist” and the WP Event Manager Plugin. My aim is to use P2P to link Artists to Events so an Event Page can display who is performing. I have created a recurring number of events […]

Allow User to Edit Page Based on their Email

Quick Info I am using the Posts 2 Posts plugin in order to create a relation between Teachers and the Classes they teach. The teacher’s page is a custom post type of faculty in which teachers are added to. A faculty post has a custom meta field labeled email_address. The classes page is a custom […]

each_connected in wp_user_query with Scribu's Posts to Posts Plugin – Alternative method?

I have been using Scribu’s Posts to Posts plugin for some time, and it has served me well. I have read the full wiki and issues list, but can’t find any definitive answer if there is a clean way to loop through many users while getting each_connected. According to this wiki entry, the faster way […]

How to programmatically create a connection with on cpt publish?

How can I programmatically create a connection between one custom post type, cpt, (with post id known) to another on cpt on publish? I am using VoodooPress’s front-end posting method to publish a post type called post-type-A. One input field in the post-type-A form is the public inventory number, which through some wp_query love gives […]

Creating relationships between multiple content types

I’m working on a site where there are multiple content types in addition to the built-in ones (see list below). I’d like to establish the ability to mark related content in any direction, from any content type to any other. The content types are: post page topic (from bbpress) case (custom types from here on […]

How Do I Use The WordPress Plugin Posts 2 Posts by Scribu?

I have a WordPress site that relies on relationships quite heavily. It’s a record label website where artists can be related to tours, reviews, album releases and store items throughout the site. I found the plugin Posts to Posts by Scribu which seems to do what I want, but I don’t understand how to use […]