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How to get Post title by locale with Qtranslate-X

I need to send 2 emails, when new comment is posted and when new comment is approved. Site is multilingual and uses qtranslate-x plugin. Here is code, which sends email when comment is posted. In this case ‘get_the_title($post->ID)’ returns post title on one language as expected. function kvkoolitus_email_comment_posted( $comment_ID, $comment_approved ) { if( 0 === […]

Plugin translations problem

I developed a plugin for my client in english by default. I created estonian and russian translation files. But my client installed wordpress with estonian language by default and now, when my plugin is activated it doesn’t use estonian translation file, because I guess wordpress uses estonian language by default. Russian language works well. Client […]

Can the qTranslateX-Plugin translate non-article text?

I started using the qTranslateX plugin for a bilingual WordPress site, and I am very happy with how it translates posts and pages. However, there is some text on the site that was entered as part of a widget, and I need it to be bilingual too. Can this be done? If not with qTranslateX, […]

qtranslate is not working properly

I have installed qtranslate in my local, it does not show the translated content, so there are two question if anybody have used this plugin. do i need to put the translated text by my self or it[plugin] does automatically? do i need to make changes in php file of the plugin to get the […]

Order by title – but now built in wordpress func, sort the_title

I’ve got a pretty simple WP installation, where I use qtranslate plugin to keep site in two languages. The problem is, I need to sort posts by title, and as probably you know (as you use qtranslate), that causes the problem – it sorts posts by mysql entries (which are two because of languages), and […]

titles in recent posts appear together in all languages with qtranslate

I´ve been dealing with a qtranslate problem (Im using the twentyten theme) and i hope you cna help me, I´ve been searching on forums and sites but to no vail (their solution is for other them called atahualpa). First of all the loading speed is too slow. The other problem is that I have a […]

Error : “Language is already enabled or invalid! ” in wordpress plugin qTranslate

When trying to enable newly added language in qTranslate Configuration ** I get a message **Language is already enabled or invalid! All the languages that come with qTranslate are ok. Wordpress 3.13 Any ideas? thanx

How can i change the texts of plugin (created by me) in wordpress admin?

i have a created a contact us plugin, i want to change that name of the plugin “contact us” in Hindi. I already created languages folder in my wordpress, and maintaining, hi_IN.po files.

qTranslate – show articles in two languages

I would like to show all articles on my page in two languages while the menu and everything is translated in the language choosen. <?php $id=5; $post = get_page($id); $content = qtrans_use(‘fr’, $post->post_content,false); echo $content; ?> This is as far as I got. But I want it to be dynamic with every article. Thanks for […]

WordPress translation loading english file

I am trying to translate a wordpress site but whatever I do the english file is always loaded. In functions.php I’ve set load_theme_textdomain(‘twentyeleven’, get_template_directory() . ‘/languages’); In the template page I use <?php _e(‘HOME’, ‘twentyeleven’); ?> And in wp-config.php the language is set like this (I use the qtranslate plugin) $enabledLanguages = qtrans_getSortedLanguages(); $uri = […]