Articles of plugin recommendation

How to link 2 categories (Sync)

I want that whenever a user post something in category “Foo”, the same content must be duplicated to the category “Bar” automatically. Is there such a plugin that automate the process? Or some PHP snippet? I have many categories. Those categories are not the normal WordPress categories, they are custom, for a specific theme, like […]

What is a good member directory plugin?

I’m working on a site for a local homeschool group, and they’d like to have a page(s) with a member directory on the site. Any suggestions? Something like the Business Directory plugin would probably be great, just more focused on listing individuals. Edit: I actually want a plugin that lets me create listings manually, as […]

Best plugin for most viewed post

I just want to show how many user viewed a post (says 12 views) and a widget for top viewed blog list in the sidebar any plugin for the above concepts Thanks, Edvin

How to rotate the header image per day?

I’d like to have my header banner change every day, chosen (e.g. randomly) from a list/folder of images. So far I only found plugins that select a random banner per post or per page view, neither is what I want. Do you know of a plugin, or any other way? Edit: Example. I’m adding a […]

Is there a plugin for messaging users as an admin?

Does anyone know of a simple plugin that allows an administrator to send messages to users that have accounts, and allow those same users to reply to the message. I found one here, but the problem is that it allows any user to send any user messages. Only the admin should be able to send […]

Plugin To Insert Chinese Characters in Posts or Pages

My daughter is blogging from China. She wants to insert Chinese characters occasionally into her post so that she can explain what these mean. She has a Mac, which lets her type these quickly. When she tried to post them, she got ?? symbols. I checked the blog theme (TwentyEleven) and it’s HTML5 and has […]

Simple plugin for showing RSS subscription links?

Does someone know of a simple plugin for showing RSS feeds? I need something dead simple that only show the links and would rather re-use something before rolling one myself.

What parameter should I pass to wp_enqueue_style to depend on the themes stylesheet?

I have written a basic gallery plugin that uses wp_enqueue_style to include a stylesheet on the page. I’d like for the WordPress theme to be able to override the style of the plugin which means I’d like to my plugin to play nice and output the css file before the theme css file. wp_enqueue_style has […]

How to get a Jewish/English event calendar on a page in WordPress?

What I need is an event calendar to display both the english and Jewish dates, but have it be based on the hebrew date. With this people could input the date of an anniversary and have it reappear every year on the hebrew date and just show what date that would translate to in the […]

Hook to See if Comment got a Reply?

Okay I know the title is pretty vague but I didn’t know how to articulate it. Basically, I want a plugin that sends email notifications to users who opted-in only if they specifically got replied to. WordPress has its built-in functionality for comment threading/replying, so instead of bombarding the user with emails each time a […]