Articles of plugin recommendation

Best way to distribute templates and code accross multiple wordpress sites?

I am launching Christmas pages across 8 different websites which share almost the same code. What is the best way to distribute this? The files include: christmas page style.css swipbox.js At the moment, if I make a change in one of the files, i’d need to make it in all of them. Would you advise […]

Possible?? Pull Plugin Property Data to a Theme's Custom Post Type

I bought a real estate theme and want to use the property listing data that I get from a paid plugin. The plugin listing data is clean, and stored in the WP database. The theme uses custom post types so I’m trying to bridge my plugin data to the theme. Thanks!

what is best way to keep track of changes made in wordpress website?

I have a website which has many admins. What is the best plugin or any other functions which would do this work? Any suggestion would be a great help. Thank you.

Free paypal cart solution

Does someone some good & free paypal cart solution for wordpress? I was looking at, that looks good but I don’t want to buy it since it’s for a test project.

CAPTCHA plugin where I can use my own images and ask my own questions?

Just wondering if any of you have run across this kind of plugin. Basically I’d like to be able to (a) specify my own image; (b) specify my own challenge question; (c) specify my own answer. As in: (a) an image of the word “orange” written in Old English (b) “Type the word you see […]

How can I create an affiliate program in WordPress?

Suggestions for plugins, best practices, etc. welcome.

WordPress for a club website — Members page

I’m making a website for a student activity and have a wordpress page for each member under a common parent group. Each page contains some member info (currently unstructured) and a profile picture. I would like to list all these members under a member page with perhaps a grid of profile pictures and names. Is […]

Configure paragraph style without editing CSS

Is there a way to change the default text paragraph style in WP without changing CSS by hand? I.e. I need GUI for that. In particular, I want to configure padding height between paragraphs.

Any plugins to help with multilingual content?

I’m taking classes in Spanish and would like to keep a blog to track my progress, where I can translate random pieces of text, post pictures and describe them in Spanish etc. Are there any plugins that would help with this? Maybe something that automatically detects the language and colors it a different color?

Sitemap Page build from Menu?

Is there a plugin available that creates a sitemap from the default menu, e.g. as shortcode or requestbale URI?