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Can Not Redirect from Plugin-Registered Admin Page

I am doing the following in my plugin: Register a custom admin page and in the callback function (the last parameter of add_submenu_page) Redirect to another page However, when I open the custom admin page I get the following error: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at ..\wp-admin\includes\template.php:1637) in […]

Redirect to page for KPI/marketing purpouses

I have a website with several articles and optimized seo urls. I want to add an url reference to those articles from a paper source. 1) i need a new url pointing to that articles, so I can see from the analytics how many people go to the online blog post from the paper source […]

How to redirect on particular page in wordpress?

<?php if($result_array[‘ACK’]== ‘Success’){ global $wpdb; $wpdb->insert(‘wp_paypal_payment’, array( ‘amount’ => $result_array[‘AMT’], ‘post_id’ => $_REQUEST[‘post_id’], ‘firstname’ => $_REQUEST[‘first_name’], ‘lastname’ => $_REQUEST[‘last_name’] )); wp_redirect( get_page_by_title( ‘thank-you’ ) ); }else{ header(“Location : http://localhost/mysite/faq”); } ?> My query is working but I have no idea that how I simply redirect in my page and display any my page content data […]

How to do 302 redirects “in” WordPress using Redirection plugin?

I am planning to use the Redirection plugin to do redirects. The plugin’s description states that it also enables 302 redirects, but I can’t see how. There’s no option as such (see screenshot below). Am I looking in the wrong place? Does anyone know how to do 302 redirects using Redirections plugin?

How to set up redirects for category paginated pages after adding /category/ to permalink

We have a site using WPML and the category archives like /categoryname/page/2 weren’t working in the secondary language. I added /category/ to the permalink and now the pagination works, but I need help getting the paginated archive links to 301 redirect. I set up manual redirects for the main category archives using the Redirection plugin: […]

Woocommerce – Want to block a user agent from accessing specific product pages

I want to block this user agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; sweetcouch/1.0; + from accessing specific product pages on my site. I have tried using Redirection plugin but it does not work. Please help Edit: I am using CloudFlare (I think it interferes with useragent but I get the correct useragent in Wordfence)

How to redirect a URL with parameters?

My redirection are working until parameters are added to the end of the source URL. What will be the proper way of implementing a redirect were the target will be a different URL but I want to pass the parameters untouched. Post with Parameters goes to 404 page Same post without parameters redirects properly I […]

Using redirection plugin to pass URLs as lowercase to wordpress

have been experiencing a problem yesterday. My site is in Hebrew language. MY site is built on WordPress. The problem is related to escaped encoded posts URL only. IF the post URL has escaped encode in uppercase it works, if in lowercase, it returns 404. I want both to pass without a problem. For example: […]

Nginx + Redirection Plugin breaks Permalinks

I’m migrating from Apache to Nginx. Everything works great, except if I have the Redirection plugin enabled. In this case, I can’t access any of the pages on my site with the exception of the home page. They all return a 404 error. If I disable the plugin again, I’m able to navigate my site […]

Which is better: 301 Redirect in my .htaccess file or a plugin like Redirection?

Currently I am using 301 Redirects in my .htacess file to redirect old URLs to new URLs. Are there any performance benefits (i.e. site loading) o using a plugin like Redirection or should I just stick to hardcoded 301 Redirects?