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How to make Pull Requests on a plugin?

How can I submit pull request to other’s plugin at

How does WordPress know when there are plugin updates?

How does a WordPress plugin know whether if there are updates available to download and to download those updates. What function or script controls this and how does it work? I am assuming this would be the same function that controls whether a plugin has been purchased aka premium or has not been purchased and […]

Errors when updating plugin through the WordPress plugin repository

I’m working on a plugin that’s in the WordPress plugin repository. I’ve made some changes to the plugin’s code. The changes I made were to move code from a large admin.php file into an /admin directory. The code has no errors that I can see in the logs. It passes the php codesniffer using the […]

How to make previous versions available for users?

I am new to using subversion, trac and do not clearly understand how the wordpress plugin repository works. When committing WP Responder I put all the files in a directory called “trunk” and committed it to the server. It worked. It may be useful to make previous versions of the plugin available for download. So […]

How can I edit commit messages in my wp-hosted plugin repo?

I stupidly committed code with a commit message that doesn’t make sense. I looked up how to edit commit messages for SVN repos and read this stackoverflow post, however, unfortunately it seems like I need to “have admin rights (directly or indirectly) to the repository to do this.” I tried to follow the directions in […]

Plugin Repo: Why do some plugins get version charts while others don't?

I’ve noticed that some plugins have the version charts displayed on the Stats page while some others do not. What’s necessary for the chart to show in the stats page? Also, how does know about the versions currently running on servers around the world?

Missing Logo in Repository

I experience a quite odd behavior of the WordPress Repository, or I am doing something wrong (more likely). So, for my plugin, which is registered in the WordPress Repository, I created a logo and I uploaded it as icon-128×128.png as well as icon-256×256.png in the /assets/-folder. First I only uploaded the small logo and it […]

How long should it take for a plugin to fully load into the plugin repository?

I updated my plugin, Export to Text, to 1.3 and committed it to the WordPress SVN repository yesterday. The 1.3 download button was available pretty quickly, but a day later the read me text is not rendering on the plugin page and the download update reminder is not working in the WP UI for users […]

Do uploaded plugins get updates if they came from the wordpress plugin directory?

I’m a plugin developer and want to ensure my users are getting updates when I release an update within the wordpress plugin svn repo. I know if they search for the plugin through the plugin area of their admin and install it that way that they see updates. However I’m not sure if people download […]

How to download old versions of plugins?

I have previously been able to go the the plugin repository to locate previous versions of plugins in order to restore compromised websites. Since the design for the plugin repository has changed I can no longer find where they are stored. I have scrolled down to the “Contributors & Developers” section then followed various links […]