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Missing Logo in Repository

I experience a quite odd behavior of the WordPress Repository, or I am doing something wrong (more likely). So, for my plugin, which is registered in the WordPress Repository, I created a logo and I uploaded it as icon-128×128.png as well as icon-256×256.png in the /assets/-folder. First I only uploaded the small logo and it […]

How long should it take for a plugin to fully load into the plugin repository?

I updated my plugin, Export to Text, to 1.3 and committed it to the WordPress SVN repository yesterday. The 1.3 download button was available pretty quickly, but a day later the read me text is not rendering on the plugin page and the download update reminder is not working in the WP UI for users […]

Do uploaded plugins get updates if they came from the wordpress plugin directory?

I’m a plugin developer and want to ensure my users are getting updates when I release an update within the wordpress plugin svn repo. I know if they search for the plugin through the plugin area of their admin and install it that way that they see updates. However I’m not sure if people download […]

How to download old versions of plugins?

I have previously been able to go the the plugin repository to locate previous versions of plugins in order to restore compromised websites. Since the design for the plugin repository has changed I can no longer find where they are stored. I have scrolled down to the “Contributors & Developers” section then followed various links […]

Properly licensing a plugin that uses Apache 2.0 licensed code

Am developing a plugin that I would like to submit to the repo. It’s dependent on Apache License 2.0 code, so I know I should license my plugin with GPLv3 – it’s allowed. So, how do I properly license my plugin? Obviously I should include License: GPLv3 in my plugin’s header, but it feels […]

Plugin directory says that my plugin it's not availabe in Spanish, but it is

I uploaded my first plugin to the wordpress repository, it includes the .po and .mo files for Spanish in the languages folder; the Text Domain and Domain Path strings are also specified in the plugin header, and the plugin works fine both in english and spanish when installed. However, when I go to the spanish […]

Repository reporting incorrect plugin 'active version' stat

I released a new plugin to the .org repository about a month ago, and have committed several new versions since then, but the pie chart on the stats page has always stayed at 100% for an arbitrary version. For example, a week or so after 1.1 was released, it said that 100% of users had […]

plugin wants to update to wrong plugin

I get a “update available” notification for my custom plugin “breadcrumbs trail nav” (not hosted in the official repo). Point is that there’s a) no update available and b) it wants to get updated to version whatever from the yoast-breadcrumb plugin. Case: local install. My plugin header comment: /* Plugin Name: Breadcrumbs Trail Nav. Plugin […]

Plugin screenshots not showing in the repository

I’m having major trouble getting the screenshots to show in my plugin. I have validated the readme file and placed the screenshots in both the /trunk and /tags/1.0 directories (1.0 is stable). I have looked at many search results and quite a few existing plugins to see what I’m doing different but I’m failing to […]

How are plugins in the WordPress plugin directory ranked?

When searching the plugin directory on how are the results ranked? It seems the main components are number of downloads and rating, or is there actually a full blown algorithm behind it taking many different statistics into account? I have searched Google, but all I get are WordPress plugins for SEO instead of information […]