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Disable escaping html

I’m using SyntaxHighlighter Evolved to highlight code examples. E.g. [csharp] string s = “text”; List<int> numbers = new List<int>(); [/csharp] When I first save it, it’s ok, but when editing wordpress changes the text to [csharp] string s = &quot;text&quot;; List&lt;int&gt; numbers = new List&lt;int&gt;(); [/csharp] After second edit it becomes [csharp] string s = […]

Any good desktop client for wordpress with support for google syntax highliter?

I’m using Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress and I have to go to the html view where I have to manually type the tags for pasting code and formatting gets messed up when I switch back to the WYSIWYG view. Is there a desktop client like windows live writer that has support for Google Syntax […]

Syntax Highlighter XML striping

I am really frustrated with availible Syntax Highlighter’s on the market it seems that no matter which one I use, after pressing “Save Draft” or “Publish” and after I change from Visual to Html or reverse I am loosing the xml snippet code. Also, other code (C#, PHP) just loosing their style, especially break lines […]

Highlight Syntax Inline

I’m looking for a plugin that is compatible up to the current version of WordPress (3.1.1 as of writing of this question) and that supports some kind of inline highlighting of programming language syntax. Basically, I want to be able to write a function name or a variable name or a quick if statement as […]

Code Formatted with SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Appearing Incorrectly on iPad/iPhone

I have just started a programming blog and I am using the SyntaxHightlighter Evolved plugin to format my code. On most browsers this is working just fine. However if I attempt to view the site from either an iPhone or iPad the line numbers and code are no longer aligned. Basically the problem seems to […]

Create custom shortcode, the right way?

What I want to do Sharing code in posts on WordPress is quite a pain with all the HTML escaping to take care of. So, I plan to enclose code in posts within a custom shortcode called [sourcecode], as shown below, and let it automatically escape the special characters. [sourcecode] <?php // Some code here. […]

Syntax highlighting for post/page editor

Anyone know of a plugin that adds syntax highlighting to the post/page HTML editor? Thanks-