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Add a select a class dropdown in tinymce

How can I add add a dropdown/select with pre defined class names into the WordPress wysiwyg (tinymce advanced) that I can put on different elements? What I’d like: Add some text or any other element Click the text and click the dropdown to select a class to be added to that element

Close TinyMCE plugin window on click away

I’ve created a small plugin which adds a button to the TinyMCE toolbar. When clicked, it opens a popup window via That popup can be closed by (1) clicking the “Cancel” or “OK” buttons, or (2) pressing the esc key. I’m trying to figure out how I can also close my plugin’s popup by […]

TinyMCE – Add button that changes direction of selected text

Ok, I am going to create website in Urdu(rtl) & English(ltr) language that contain paragraphs like this: <p style=”direction:rtl”>کیا حال ہے buddy? سب خیریت ہے؟</p> You can see that sentence in not showing correctly. I want to change the direction of English words in sentense. like this: <p style=”direction:rtl”>کیا حال ہے <bdo dir=”ltr”>buddy?</bdo> سب خیریت […]

Using wp_editor in TinyMCE WindowManager dialog

I’m currently writing a plugin that provides an interface for adding shortcodes, very simple dropdown added to the TinyMCE toolbar which opens a TinyMCE dialog box with text fields etc. This is all working great, the shortcode is created properly and inserted in to the main WP editor. However, I’m trying to set up a […]

Deprecated TinyMCE API call: windowManager.createInstance(..)

Im working with a TinyMCE plugin (WordPress 4.7.2), and I’ve noticed that Im getting a method deprecation warning when I create a new modal. However my code example is very similar to Tiny MCE’s own example code. Can anyone shed some light on why this warning is being fired, as I don’t believe, based on […]

TinyMCE with custom buttons on a meta box

Firstly please allow me to apologise – my fourth question in the week that I’ve been here! You’ve all been very helpful though, which is why I keep coming back.. I’m trying to put together a custom post type which doesn’t utilise the ‘editor’. There is a lot of input fields on the page and […]

How can I control the HTML output of my post?

As you already know, WordPress manipulates posts, even if you write everything in Text mode. (replacing line breaks with \r\n ‘s , converting single quotes into double quotes etc.) I know this is good for helping us not to mess things up, however, in my case, I want to put HTML codes inside my post […]

TinyMCE Plugin Parameter

Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere I can find out what each of these TinyMCE plugins are for? $in[‘plugins’]=’inlinepopups,tabfocus,paste,media,fullscreen,wordpress,wpeditimage,wpgallery,wplink,wpdialogs,wpfullscreen’; I’m wondering because if I remove the wordpress one that the editor will stop stripping out my <p> tags, but I also lose all my spacing in the html view of the editor as […]

How can the tinyMCE dom be manipulated (offical API does not seem to work)?

Is this possible with a tinymce plugin? I think other ways to access the iframe are not working or not recommended. I have found this And tried that in the printing mce plugin inside the TinyMCE Advanced plugin but it does not work. var $ = tinymce.dom.DomQuery; $(‘p’).attr(‘attr’, ‘value’).addClass(‘class’); I have installed the tinymce advanced […]

2nd button row from WP Super Edit or TinyMCE Advanced doesn't show to 2nd admin

I’m currently using WP Super Edit. But the same problem persists with TinyMCE Advanced. This is how it is configured: This is how I (admin) see it: This is how my friend (2nd admin) sees it: I’m getting desperate figuring out why the hell the 2nd button bar doesn’t show.