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Display value of custom field not working

I am simply trying to print the value of a custom field. I have read all the documentation, tried out other people’s suggestions, and nothing works. I can get it to print the ID #, but not the actual value I have in the field. I am using the Types plugin to create the field. […]

Create metaboxes based on custom post type

I am using Metabox to create metaboxes for Worpdress Post and it works like a charm. Now I have installed MetaBox Custom Post Type Extension for create CPT and it works good to. I have Types plugin installed for same purpose, create CPT so I can work either with Metabox or Types. I have created […]

It's possible to hide body copy box for a custom post type?

I’m using WordPress Types for create and manage Custom Post Types (CPT) at my blog and it works perfectly. I have created a CPT called Espacio Publicitario and I added also some custom fields (see image below). I need to hide body copy box since on this CPT is useless, can I do that? How? […]

How can I list Custom Post Types created with the Types plugin under categories?

I am using the Types plugin and have ticked Categories under the Registered taxonomies that will be used with this post type section. However, no categories seem to appear. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any advice appreciated.

Some custom taxonomy child terms not showing in admin. Caching problem?

I have a problem with some custom taxonomy terms. I am using “Types” plugin for creating custom post types and custom taxonomies. I successfully created my postype and hierarchical taxonomy and strated to add content. Everything worked great until I migrated the site from the dev server(Linux) into the live server (Microsoft IIS). Right now […]

Taxonomies relations

I am currently working on my first WP site and struggeling with something. My websites should allow the admins nor moderators to upload tutoring videos related to series. I want that each series will be related to “lesson category”. For example, there will be a “Mathematics” category and under this category the moderators should be […]

Archive for custom taxonomy lists all posts instead of current taxonomy

I’m using the Types plugin for a custom post type “Session”, which has the custom taxonomy “Semester”. I would now like to create an archive page for each semester which is automatically generated. Creating a taxonomy-semester.php was no problem, however, that page always shows contents for ALL semesters, not just the current one the URL […]

Query custom post type by custom field

General Info I used the plugin WP Types ( to create a custom post type called “artist“. In WP Types you can also set another post type as parent post type. This is not possible by default; they implemented this feature by a meta query with the key: “_wpcf_belongs_%POSTTYPE%_id” (in my case “_wpcf_belongs_artist_id“) and the […]

Display custom post type and custom fields within a Bootstrap Carousel

I am using the “Types” wordpress plugin for the first time. I created a custom post type, as well as some custom fields. How do I dynamically call all the custom posts into a Bootstrap carousel, and also display the fields within that loop? And how do I limit the amount of posts that will […]