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Can I flush W3TC's cache in a capistrano deploy?

I’m trying to simplify my deploy process and am making use of the Capistrano tool. Is there a way to have capistrano flush W3TC’s cache in a deploy task?

server load. $_SERVER and $_SERVER

while writing new code and testing it, I incorporate it into my site by testing for the remote IP address as follows; i.e., I’m the only one who will see the new code: in /functions.php: // to hide certain sections/features from people other than myself $myIP = ‘’; // the value as currently indicated by […]

PHP 5.5, w3 Total Cache, and opcache

PHP5.5 has ZendOptimizer opcache built in and it seems to work pretty well and the benchmarks seem to give it a slight edge over APC in performance. Great. So APC seems to be on its way out. My question regards w3 total cache. W3TC has the option to do database and opcode caching using APC, […]

w3 Total Cache expire headers not set

I have been using w3 Total Cache with the setting to enable Expires Headers and eTags but they are not being set. I’m serving images and other media from a sub-domain such as served by nginx but it didn’t work even when I was serving these files with Apache from the main domain. I’ve […]

Transient API and caching Plugins

Hello wordpress NINJAS…. I am crazy about transient api and I have implemented it in my theme.My question is If I use transient api is it required caching plugin? (I hate plugins!!!) If I use transient and caching ,how will be the result? Can I use transient against caching plugin? Is caching plugin and transient […]

Plugin Expires Headers – W3 Total Cache

Using the Google PageSpeed Online, it looks like the CSS/Images/JS files of most of my plugins (including wp-nivo-slider) do not get their expires-headers set. Is there a solution for this so that W3 Total Cache will set the expires headers on all the media on my page?

PHP Code stuck in Cache

Been having a bit of a problem with my site regarding our caching method and my php code not refreshing or flushing. To start, my site is on a dedicated Nginx webserver. I used W3 Total Cache for the initial caching setup. Everything was set up to cache through Memcached. (I should note, my website […]

Transient / object cache maximum key length

Possible Duplicate: Long option names fail silently? The WordPress Transients API makes it easy to save expensive values and look them up later. If you install an object backend (such as APC object cache, memcache or W3 Total Cache) you can cache these values between requests, gaining even more. But I’ve noticed that when the […]

How can I get W3 Total Cache to recognise Amazon ElastiCache?

What I did (on my EC2 instance): a) Followed Amazon’s instructions here to install their special PHP Memcached Extension for ElastiCache. b) Confirmed it was installed and restarted apache $ php -i | grep memcached /etc/php5/cli/conf.d/memcached.ini, memcached memcached support => enabled libmemcached version => 1.0.4 memcached.compression_factor => 1.3 => 1.3 memcached.compression_threshold => 2000 => 2000 […]

W3 Total Cache Minify Rewrite Error with WordPress on nginx

I’m trying to get W3 Total Cache to rewrite URLs to minified files. I’ve tried every tutorial I could find but I don’t seem to be able to get it right. I keep getting a W3 Total Cache error saying this: It appears Minify URL rewriting is not working. If using apache, verify that the […]