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HIgh CPU usage – Will using cache plugins help

i am having issues with CPU high utilization, more than 92% . Is there anyway to track which plugin or process or user is causing this issue? Will usage of any cache plugin will help this or not ?

WordPress 4.2.3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Creating Files as read only

Whenever I attempt to update a plugin or change my configuration for W3 Total Cache, if wordpress creates a new file, it’s created with the Read Only attribute. I can upload and delete content without issue. It’s just updating a plugin or the w3total cache config. I removed the read only attribute from the w3 […]

ubuntu + nginx – everything works except “rewrite url structure”

I’m on ubuntu vps running nginx Running w3 total cache on wordpress. Everything works fine except for when i enable “rewrite url structure”, and it breaks, 404 probably to the minified files. How to proceed? Am i missing some package on my vps? what should I install? Permalink for wordpress work fine though Note: nginx.conf […]

How can I cache font files on WordPress

The caching portion of all of the speed tests fail on my site because I am using font files to pull in my fonts. I am using w3 Total Cache, and KeyCDN. The font files are hosted in a folder inside the themes folder. I have altered my .htaccess file to allow these fonts to […]

Object Caching Plugin force every plugin to cache objects?

Can caching plugins (like w3 Total Cache or similar) force themes and plugins to use cache for every object instantiated? Or are they just optimizing plain WordPress.

Remove “?repeat=w3tc” from any url

Some how W3 Total Cache produce on some pages this prefix “?repeat=w3tc”. And I really want to remove this from my urls, but my research didn’t help me. Edit: I’m using other plugins now – The loading times are still good, I think.

Spam injected in w3 total cache page cache

I’m trying to fix a site which has been injected with external spam. After inspection I found out that the external content (so far just html advertising different kinds of drugs, no scripts) was in the static pages created by w3 total cache. How can I find out what part is responsible for this? The […]

“W3 Total Cache” with “What Would Seth Godin Do” (and widgets?!)?

I would like to use “What Would Seth Godin Do” with “W3 total cache” – can that be done? Also, is there a way to use this inside widgets? (I was thinking of maybe using some sort of php widget for it – but again, what about the w3 total cache?) Thanks for any pointers […]

Combile External JS files using W3 Total Cache

Is there any option or is it recommended to combine external JS files using W3 Total Cache plugin for wordpress. When I say exxternal JS files, I mean that I want to combine .JS files that on other domains/CDNs, like the .JS for facebook like button, Google+1 ,etc. I want them to be combined using […]

hide wp-content from urls

Here is what I am thinking of trying to hide wp-content from the urls of files included in page source. defining the following in wp-settings.php define (‘WP_CONTENT_URL’,’’); and adding this to .htaccess RewriteRule ^myownfoldername/(.*) /wp-content/$1 [QSA,L] This seems to work fine with no additional plugins on localhost `but will it work seamlessly on the online […]