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WordPress Jquery Confliction with Plugin

Hey guys, thanks in advance for your help. I’ve done my research and I’m a bit stumped with this… I’m building a WordPress website for a client and it is going to have an e-store. I’m using wp-ecommerce. All of the store pages are loading with a javascript error: jQuery(“form.product_form”).livequery is not a function […]

MarketPress vs. other WP ecommerce solutions

What experiences have you had with MarketPress vs. other WP ecommerce solutions? I found a client that wants to use it and I never worked with it before. How does it compare with WooCommerce or WP e-Commerce? Or does anyone know of a good and recent comparison of WordPress ecommerce solutions? …everything I find on […]

modify a function filter

I am using the latest version of wp-ecommerce (3.89) and a new filter has been introduced to enable role based access to certain dashboard features such as the sales page or upgrade capability. However, the default role in the core file is currently set to “administrator”. What I would like to do is take the […]

How to show large image in checkout page using WP Ecommerce plugin

I want to show large image in checkout page right now it showing 31×31 size image in wpsc-shopping_cart_page and using <img src=”<?php echo wpsc_cart_item_image(); ?> to call thumbnail image. what should i do for that?

Need Help Finding a WordPress E-Commerce Plugin That Utilises Custom Post Types

I am currently in the middle of developing quite an extensive and complicated record label website that uses post types and a whole bunch of relationship mapping to map post types to one another. Part of the major functionality of the site is a store. Because I have an “Artists” post type called “artists” I […]

WP e-commerce: getting products by SKU

I’m working on a site that uses the WP e-commerce plugin (Gold version) and I need to display a list of products that match a list of SKUs. Users fill in a form, and a list of product SKUs is generated depending on their answers. I need to create a page that fetches these products […]

Is there any site where i can found good documentation of wp-ecommerce plugin?

There is no good documentation in the plugin official site I am trying to making a web shop in WordPress with wp-ecommerce pluign. But i don’t find any good documentation in the web. Even the official site for the plugin is not helping. Do you know any site or good tutorial about the wp-ecommerce plugin? […]

WP-e-Commerce and W3-Total-Cache integration problem

My shopping cart is being cached by w3 total cache. This is the expected default behaviour. The thing is I can’t find an easy solution for this. I am showing my shopping cart on almost every page, so using rejected cookies or something similar is not an option. Is it possible to tell w3 total […]

WP ecommerce – How do I change the product image for each product variation?

I would like to have the functionality for image to change when the user selects a different variation. ie, If I’m selling a T-shirt and have create two variations (Red and White). I would like for the main product image box to the image when the user selects a color. The Red shirt image should […]

What are WooCommerce starter themes?

I’ve done created a lot of WordPress themes and plugins, but I haven’t done much with the WordPress WooCommerce plugin from WooThemes. If someone asked me what general theme they should work with to learn about themes, I would suggest one of WordPress’ defaults, like TwentyFourteen However, for someone who is creating an online store […]