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Ecommerce Single Product Next Product Link

I have tried using the default wp next and previous link but when click it would go to another category post instead of the next post(product) previous_post(‘« « %’, ‘previous’, ‘yes’); next_post(‘% » » ‘, ‘next’, ‘yes’); when i try to put yes for the same category, the previous and next title disappears previous_post(‘« « […]

Can WP ecommerce collect card info without charging?

I’m new to ecommerce but have some experience with WordPress. My client is wanting to have the customer put their card information in but not charge them. They are wanting to do it manually. Is WP ecommerce okay for this? If not, what should I do? Thanks.

How to show Best Selling WP E-Commerce Products

I’m trying (but failing) to create ‘Best Sellers’ and ‘New Releases’ pages for my website. I’m using WP-Ecommerce 3.8.4 with WP 3.1.3 and I’ve gotten close but can’t seem to get it right. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated… I’ve added the following code to wp-ecommerce>wpsc-includes>product-template.php (original code from here): //Popular products function […]

How to sell an album for download

I’m trying to deliver a set of nine audio files, as part of a single purchase for download. My first thought was to make an RSS file as the actual purchased item and then the customer would be able to download the nine actual files using iTunes from that feed. I’m not convinced that this […]

wp e-commerce – theme problem – why won't it load wpsc-single_product.php?

This is so frustrating! The theme i made myself works fine with wp-e-commerce (getshopped) plugin, but for some reason it won’t load wpsc-single_product.php when i view a single product. When i change theme to twenty ten it works fine, so i’m positive that it has SOMETHING to do with my theme – But what? what […]

WordPress plugin Post Creation

Does someone know any plugin available that can allow any users to create a post and publish it without even registering?? In fact, I want to use it with wp-ecommerce wordpress plugin found here

Limit the number of results from wpsc_start_category_query

Observe the following code: <ul> <?php wpsc_start_category_query(array(‘category_group’=>get_option(‘wpsc_default_category’),’show_thumbnails’=>get_option(‘show_category_thumbnails’))); ?> <li> <div> <div class=”image”><?php wpsc_print_category_image(); ?></div> <div class=”caption-title transparent_class”> <?php wpsc_print_category_name();?> </div> <div class=”caption transparent_class”> <a href=”<?php wpsc_print_category_url();?>” class=”wpsc_category_link”><?php wpsc_print_category_name();?></a> <?php if(get_option(‘wpsc_category_description’)) :?> <?php wpsc_print_category_description(“<div class=’wpsc_subcategory’>”, “</div>”); ?> <?php endif;?> </div> </div> </li> <?php wpsc_end_category_query(); ?> </ul> The above code displays all my product categories in a […]

Help alphabetically sorting $terms from get terms('wpsc_product_category'

I’m trying to get a list of wpsc_product_category terms, for a given category, and have them display in alphabetical order (by name) with links to their pages. This gives me the right list, but the sort() doesn’t work. The terms aren’t in alphabetical order. Any help would be greatly appreciated! <?php //display sorted list of […]

Making tags appear as an Unordered list <ul> instead of a 'cloud'

I’m developing a a site using the wp e-commerce plugin, and it handles tags in pretty much the same way it would if I were using it for a blog instead of a store. The issue is that I want to use the tags as a secondary kind of navigation menu so that customers can […]

E commerce on WordPress

What is involved with WordPress and trying to develop our commerce site that way? Will it integrate with our CounterPoint register and inventory system? Does it calculate weights and shipping? Generate a confirmation email when an order gets placed? Does it get built in a similar way that I’m working with WordPress in that you […]