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Set different Canonical url programmatically for every post

I want to set the set the cannonical url programmatically for every post. By that I mean when creating/editing an article there should be the possibility to set a custom cannonical url for it. (maybe via custom fields?). Right now I am using the WP Seo by Yoast as Seo plugin. Best regards

Adding multiple taxonomy filters to functions.php

I need to add multiple taxonomy filters to the functions.php file to remove (3) irrelevant taxonomies from the Yoast SEO sitemap index. I have been able to successfully add one filter, but when I add the other two filters, I keep getting a 500 server error. I should note that I am a novice when […]

add post content in meta description in yoast

How can I add post content in meta description via Title & Metas? I have seen excerpt variable %%excerpt%% but it will give only excerpt but I want whole content in meta description. Can any one help me for this because I can not found variable for content? Thankns

Open graph problem: Showing wrong description of homepage while sharing on Facebook

Check out this URL: Everything is fine except the last line which is Note: “Reference in Perl” is the most recent post at my site. When I share any of my post on facebook then it works fine but when I share the homepage ( then it shows most recent post’s description instead of […]

Removing “Noindex, follow” from pages

I am using WordPress SEO plugin written by Yoast. This plugin, by default, shows “noindex,follow” on every page. I am sure I know the file that displays “noindex, follow” but after much “tweaking” I can’t seem to remove the code. Here’s the file: I’d really appreciate if you can let me know which line […]

make the url unlimited

i want in wordpress long unlimited with no char limit i use plugin wordpress seo when i try make url likeبرمجة-تصميم-موقع-مركز-رفع-تحميل-تطبيق-تطبيقات-ايفون-اندرويد/ it show only can beبرمجة-تصميم-موقع-مركز-رفع-تحميل-تطبيق-ت/ only 39 char can be make it url so how we can edit this problem and it have problem with google for long url or its ok? […]

Yoast SEO hooks overriding themselves

I have some dynamic templates where I have to customize the canonical links. According to Yoast documentation the hook to use is wpseo_canonical I have two functions pointing to different pages IDs: add_filter(‘wpseo_canonical’, ‘listpagecanonical’); function listpagecanonical($string) { if (is_page(1)){ //I do my stuff here return ‘’ } } Then I have another: add_filter(‘wpseo_canonical’, ‘detailpagecanonical’); function […]

Add Page number to Meta Description in WordPress SEO by Yoast

The code below is from WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. I am trying to add the page number to the Meta description on paginated posts (to avoid duplication issues with Google). function metadesc( $echo = true ) { if ( get_query_var(‘paged’) && get_query_var(‘paged’) > 1 ) return; global $post, $wp_query, $page; $options = get_wpseo_options(); $metadesc […]

Yoast Sitemap grouping external sitemaps

I have a problem when adding external sitemaps to Yoast. I’ve managed to successfully add all my external products (which are hosted on a different project) using the wpseo_sitemap_index filter. add_filter( ‘wpseo_sitemap_index’, ‘add_sitemap_custom_items’ ); When i generate a sitemap with yoast, it groups the other posts and taxonomy together. I would like to accomplish this […]

Custom WP TItle from custom template with dynamic URL structure

I am new to custom WP development, but I have made a custom plugin. With a custom rewrite I have made the following URL structure: /profile/[company_name]/ I have made a new post Profile with a custom template (page-profile.php). I created a WordPress Plugin which gets external info based on the dynamic url. So I get […]