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Remove Yoast jQuery from front end

I would like to remove the following two script and one style tags. They appear to be added by the Yoast SEO plugin, but looking through their plugin files yields nothing promising. Does anyone know where these are enqueued or another way to remove them? <!– / Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. –> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script> […]

Changing Post Sitemap Frequency to Hourly

I’m in the process of overhauling my site and I need to make sure Google is getting the most recent versions throughout the process. I’m using WordPress with the Yoast SEO plugin. In their knowledge base, they even link to a handy post from this site detailing how to change post check frequencies using functions.php […]

Genesis / custom template page / setting the page title and meta desc

My WP site is running Genesis. I’ve just implemented my first custom page template in a child theme. The template runs some PHP and makes some data available to any page based on the template using shortcodes. All is working well, except… For SEO, I’d like to set several items in the head section – […]

How to override the title tag for woocommerce endpoints?

I am trying to set the title tag for Woocommerce pages that have endpoints. I am using Yoast SEO and so far have created this: function woocommerce_endpoint_titles( $title ) { $sep = ‘ | ‘; $sitetitle = get_bloginfo(); if ( is_wc_endpoint_url( ‘view-order’ ) ) { $title = ‘View Order’. $sep . $sitetitle; return $title; } […]

Customize title, description and focused keyword

I would like to customize focused keyword, SEO title and meta description, but I am unable to find any clue how to do it. There is official documentation but it is sooo lacking… I came up with this for changing title, but this is directly changing the title for a page, it won’t affect meta […]

What could be causing the category to be appearing as the post title in the title tag?

As the title of the questions states, I have this site where in the title tags, the category is appearing as the post title, which is killing my client’s SEO, of course. I’ve disabled all plugins that could remotely be affecting it, picked through the files, rebuilt and cleaned up the header.php file, and everything […]

How to remove Date from Meta Description on SERP?

I noticed on a few recent projects the Date is displaying in the Meta Description for all Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in WordPress. I was always under the impression the Date would usually show for ‘Posts’, which has always made sense. Then for Pages and Taxonomies – which would normally be evergreen content in […]

Inserting Post using wp_insert_post, How to fill Yoast plugins SEO fields

I am inserting posts into database using wp_insert_post function and once the post is inserted using below line of PHP $postId = wp_insert_post($array) I can insert values in my advanced custom fields using add_post_meta function but I didn’t found anything to insert SEO title, meta description specifically in Yoast SEO plugin. Can anyone help me […]

WP-RestAPI and xml sitemap

Using the WP-RestAPI to pull a wordpress blog into an angularjs application. Works extremely well. The blog is using Yoast SEO for the for meta descriptions and keywords. I would like to use the yoast xml sitemap as well for submitting to google. However, because of route structure I need to save the sitemap to […]

Remove canonical link element from noindex pages

Strange, _yoast_wpseo_meta-robots-noindex isn’t a hook on Do you know of a script to remove Yoast’s output of rel=canonical on noindex pages?