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WP Super Cache All Pages

I didnt find it but is it possible to run at night all pages so the next morning the whole website is cached? Or are there other plugins who does this job? I hope someone can help me! Thanks!

SuperCache for Custom Templates

I’ve started creating custom templates. For instance, I wanted a news template for posts that are news oriented. So, I made news.php <?php /* * Template Name: News Article * Template Post Type: post, page * Description: News Articles Template */ get_header(); ?> And then changed the s around a bit, customized a few things, […]

Too many redirects when using wp super cache

For a couple of days i use the wp super cache plugin and it works quite well. I also updated to the latest version of wordpress which is currently WordPress 3.4.1. Whenever i update something in the posts. I can browse the front page of my blog but on the single page i get a […]

Empty Super Cache programmatically (with ACF action)

I regularly use Advanced Custom Fields to create awesome backend interfaces for my clients (as I’m sure a lot of us do…). ACF includes an Options add-on that creates one or multiple global options pages that one can pull data from anywhere. I use the Options page to, for example, let the client select the […]

wp-super-cache exclude file from caching

Is there any mean to exclude a *.php file to WP Super Cache? I’ve in my single.php page an include news.php, the file news.php contains ten links to my last articles. So I want to cache single.php but to exclude news.php that is included in single.php. It is possible? How can I do that?

Lighttpd, WordPress Caching plugin

If I use Lighttpd as webserver, how can I use caching plugin like w3 total cache or wp super cache? Need your help for configuring lighttpd. Thanks.

Deployment strategies for WP-Supercache

I’m looking to improve my deployment process, which currently uses Capistrano to deploy from a hosted git repository. For the most part, this is working pretty well. However, I’m running into problems with deploying WP-Supercache: Activating the WP-Supercache plugin creates a file advanced-cache.php in the wp-content folder that includes an absolute (and server specific path) […]

Pros and Cons for high “expire time” on wp-super-cache or w3-total-cache?

In the wp-super-cache page, there is the following sentence, which I do not understand:: Checking for and deleting expired files is expensive, but it’s expensive leaving them there too. On a very busy site you should set the expiry time to 300 seconds. Let’s say that I am using a low expiry time, doesn’t that […]

How to cache json with wp-super cache

In a new project we are using wp-super-cache (the client’s preferred plugin) to create the static html files for custom content types. But we are trying to figure out if everything is being cached properly. This is a 2 part question. 1) The theme we have created utilizes page templates to output json that is […]

Is this Solution for Caches vs Cookies Going to Get Me in Trouble?

I’ve come up with a provisional solution for a not exactly common, but far from unprecedented problem with the interaction of popular WP caching solutions with cookies, in this case the standard WP comment cookies. My solution also bears on the rarely well-defined “known users” exception to serving cached files. Whether it’s usable or not, […]