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wpml and languages with different directions

I do not know if this problem exists with other situations as well or not, but here is how I have encountered it. My website’s default language is Farsi and I have added English with WPML to it. The problem is that when I load my English links , the basic is_rtl() method still returns […]

After disabling WPML multi currency, the currency is still handled by the WPML

I have used WPML multi currency for a while, but recently I turned it off and use the other currency plugin. Most of the amount have converted correctly, but for some amount still remain at the default currency even after I changed to another one: 1) Booking cost from Woocommerce Booking plugin 2) Extra option […]

How can override a add_filter of a plugin?

How can I override add_filter of a plugin? like add_filter( ‘wcml_switch_currency_exception’, ‘cart_switching_currency’, 10, 4 ); I want to use my custom function instead “cart_switching_currency” function.

Strange behavior with a redirect loop – involves WPML multi-language plugin

I have a (client) site located at We are using the WPML Multilingual CMS plugin. When choosing another language from the homepage (in this case French, since that’s the only one enabled), I encounter a redirect loop. This can also be experienced just by visiting It appears as though an extra trailing slash […]

WPML custom post type – not translated

I just installed a WPML, but my custom post types is showing just in default language, if I am switching to other languages, it will show the same posts as default language, but in wordpress panel they are translated. Part of my code in function.php $args = array( ‘labels’ => $labels, ‘public’ => true, ‘publicly_queryable’ […]

WPML – Change the language of large number of posts

I need to change the language of some 500 posts in a site that uses WPML. Currently all of them are set to English, but are in fact in Spanish. What is the fastest way to do so? It is possible to get the IDs of all of the posts.

Redirect user based on his language and country using WPML

I am using WPML as a languages solution in my blog (in my case it’s English and Spanish) I would like to know if there is a simple way of detecting where is a user coming from (which country.. I believe by IP) and redirect him immediately to either the Spanish site or the English […]

Cannot locate specific <a href> link/string using String Translation with WPML?

I have added a link on the footer of my page in the format <a href=”URL”>Link</a> I would like to allow wmpl to translate it in french and have tried scanning my theme but the link’s text doesn’t appear in the string translation manager in the dashboard. After reading this: I have tried wrapping […]

Using Variable in WordPress Translate Functions

From everything I’ve read, you should only translate text strings via the WP translation functions like _e() or __(). However, I need a way to translate content submitted via a form. Is there some solution that will allow me to translate text outputted in a variable? Here’s what I’m doing: I’m working on a plugin […]

WPML – 404 Error when I try to pass GET parameters in my “different languages in directories” installation

I’m using WPML installation with the languages in different directories. But I’m trying to pass some _$GET parameters to the url and I’m getting the 404 error. I’m passing the _$GET parameters with a link. Just like this: $link_aqui_se_sirve = get_permalink( get_page_by_path(‘donde’) ); $taxonomia_estados = get_terms(‘estados’); foreach ( $taxonomia_estados as $tax ) : $nombre_estado = […]