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WPML tables not deleted when removing multisite subsite, need help clearing up my sql-file!

I´m building a WP Multisite for a client that wants a multilingual site. Before choosing WP Multisite, I bought and tried out WPML. However that plugin didn’t fit for the job so I deleted it and got a refund. However, now this seems to come back pestering me somehow. Now when using Multisite, I have […]

Theme localization in WPML – .mo file error

We are creating a multi-lingual multi-site (on sub-domains/domain mapping) on WordPress. We recently bought WPML WordPress plugin and installed it on the basic language (English) version. Now we are trying to work on Theme Localization. Here we are following the steps as in this guide. Here we are being instructed to install a .mo file […]

WPML in custom page templates

I have a WordPress site translated from dansk to english using WPML. In it, I have a page which uses a custom page template to display the titles of all the posts. Sadly, it’s displaying all posts twice: the original, and the translated. This is the code I have: <ul id=”archive-list”> <?php $args = array( […]

WPML Translated Term

Since I posted on their forum and I didn’t got any answer, here I am, asking the same question again. So: I made a script that add the posibility to add an image and change the order for the terms of a custom taxonomy (called itinerary). So i use this way of getting each term, […]

Find proper “text domain” within theme

I have a client with a wordpress theme, Nevada, and we are having trouble making the built in translations work for it. The theme contains .mo files for English, German, and Slovenian, and appear to be found by our WPML plugin. However, they are not translating any of the template text inside the theme. Translations […]

Make theme translatable for WPML

I have been really hard time to get my site translated. I have MO and PO files, but my theme is not compatible with WPML and the developer team doesn’t to change it. Therefore I may have to build a plugin or compatibility coding by myself. But I can’t really find how to do and […]

Insights into WordPress Multi-Site, Domain Mapped, and Multilanguage site using WPML

I have a project with WordPress for a multi-language, multi-country site. I want to have a structure like: I was wondering if anyone had any useful articles, tips or insights. The idea is that the .com site be the ‘parent’ site. The other satellite sites […]

WordPress multilingual site using page-id.php files

I’m building a WordPress site which I hope to offer in three languages namely: English Spanish French In the past I’ve always built out my sites by creating the pages via the backend, recording the ids for each page and creating php files with the following naming convention: page-123.php and including get_header() and get_footer. This […]

Remove WPML's home_url filter

The WPML plugin filter’s home_url in order to provide a link to the home page specific to the language you are viewing. (So if you are reading a Spanish page home_url() will point you to I need to disable for a site that will not have language-specific homepages. So I went digging into the […]

Why isn't WMPL correctly redirecting users based on browser language?

Even though I have ‘Browser language redirect’ activated at WMPL’s setup screen, users aren’t being correctly redirected according to browser language. I currently have three languages selected: en (default), es and pt-br. Only es users are automatically redirected to spanish page. pt-br users aren’t, no matter what browser I use.