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SHortcode to run in repeatable WYSIWYG field using CMB2

I have setup a repeating WYSIWYG field using the CMB2 plugin and I have it working fine if I want to include all the things a that a WYSIWYG does. The only thing that I can’t seem to get working are shortcodes. All I need this field to do is run the shortcode, I’ve looked […]

Add column checkbox

I have create table in the front end to display post and postmeta. I use plugin. here my code for thead $dataRows = $this->getDataRows(); ?> <thead> <?php if ($advancedFilterPosition === ‘header’ && !empty($dataRows) && !$this->getFilteringForm() && $this->advancedFilterEnabled()) { ?> <tr> <?php $expandShown = false; ?> <?php do_action(‘wpdatatables_before_header’, $this->getWpId()); ?> <?php foreach ($this->getColumns() as $dataColumn) { […]

Page is still caching even after deleting the cache plugin

I am stucked at some point. I used autoptimize( plugin. I noticed one thing that caching creating some problem so i disabled the plugin and delete. After that i noticed, if i am logged in to website then fresh page loading without cache, but when i logout then i loading the cache version. I am […]

Bulk edit WP posts to update embeded images with new alt tags

I have a client site that has approx. 2000 posts, most with 2-3 images embedded. Recently we’ve gone through the media gallery and given all the images proper meta data, clean titles, descriptions, alt tags etc. However the problem we have now is that in order for this data to show up in post content, […]

Easy Digital Download Pagination returns same items in the page 2

I am using Easy digital download in the home page, using this template Problem is when I click on page 2 it returns the same elements from page 1. Live link Surprisingly, when I am trying same page template on different page like it works perfectly. What am I missing. I […]

fetch product by custom attribute

I am trying to fetch product by custom attribute. but I am unable to do this . Also trying to follow this answer but not success .Problem is that I have no idea how to integarte this answere with my code . <?php //loop the names of the slugs for the portfolio_categories $terms = […]

Update javascript URL in header – Domain Mapping Plugin

I am seeing the following script being called in my wp_head(); it is associated with the Domain Mapping plugin. <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http:/”></script> I need to update that src to be https:// based on some research this is a known bug. What I am trying to do is find where this url which I am sure […]

errno: 150 “Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed”

What’s my problem with my foreign key reference? This table is not being created? <?php /* ** Plugin Name: *** ** Plugin URI: *** ** Description: *** ** Author: *** ** Version: *** */ class Database_plugin { static function riverfisher_add_db_tables_activation() { global $wpdb; global $wp_users; $table_registreringer = $wpdb->prefix . ‘registreringer’; $charset_collate = utf8mb4_unicode_ci; if ( […]

How to prevent encoding plugin HTML output to entities?

Someone asked me to create a solution to use HTML anchors () in the WP blog tagline. E.g. like: Just another <a href=””>WordPress</a> website I came up with a small plugin where the user can use pseudo-code in the tagline, which is converted by the plugin to HTML anchors. Something like Just another [[]]WordPress[[/]] website […]

How to remove user view when you are already logged in with Ultimate Member

I am having a problem with Ultimate Member. If someone visits our login page when they are already logged in, it will take them to this user page – How can I redirect the user elsewhere? The URL is the same, so I cannot find where this view is coming from.. Many thanks in […]