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Is license need for free wordpress plugin

I’m developing a new WordPress, So i’m a beginner. I’m referring a plugin to create a readme.txt file. I’ve seen that two lines. License: GPLv2 or later License URI: one question raised in my mind. How to create wordpress license and is license need?

Adding content before the loop in category pages

I am creating a plugin and I want to show all sub category list in the top of every category page. I had created a function and call “wp_list_categories” in that function. The problem is when I call that via add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘myfunction’); List of all sub category is return successfully. Before every post and i […]

Disable wordpress from including jQuery in the head section

I need to make WordPress not include jQuery in the <head> section of every page. The reason I need this – is because I am already including jQuery at the very bottom of the document. I tried this: wp_deregister_script(‘jquery’) but it doesn’t work. How does one remove jQuery from the <head> section?

Pass info from functions.php to plugin

What is the best way to pass some information from functions.php to a plugin? I need to give a user the ability to pass a piece of data from their functions.php file to my plugin. (It can be any data, just something that I can check for; it can be a variable’s value, or even […]

Global variables during plugin activation , deactivation and uninstall operarations

For activation hooks codex states that you have to be explicit on globals: A note on variables during activation But that seems not to be working on uninstall.php If i define a global in my main plugin file like this: global $plugin_options_name; $plugin_options_name = ‘xxxxxxxxx’; Activation hook can use it via global statement , whereas […] and WordPress

I´m trying to do an simple WordPress-App for my Homepage. I started using, which is actually a good environment for a non-programmer. But I wonder if anybody has experiences in hooking up a WordPress Site to an App by Appery? Where would I start? What my basic needs are: 1) Read the Articles 2) […]

change plugin shortcode function

i use a plugin that containing this code and i want to change the css and js and template.php location to be located in my template directory instead of plugin without editing the plugin files public function shortcode($atts, $content = NULL) { global $post, $wpdb; STATIC $i = 1; $timelinr_options = get_option(‘timelinr_general_options’); $desing_options = get_option(‘timelinr_desing_options’); […]

Add CPT as subpage under custom page

I have created a menu page with the following code: add_menu_page(‘My Page’, ‘My Page’, ‘administrator’, ‘admin.php?page=my_page’, array($this, ‘my_page’)); And now I want to use custom post types on this page, also I want to create a few other custom post types, that are displayed as subpages from this page. I can’t really find how to […]

How to get home page ID?

I’m building a WordPress plugin in which I need to get the HOME page ID value. Do you know how can I get it? I know that we can get the current ID with the_ID() or get_the_ID() function, but I need specificly the HOME page ID value. My plugin is located at the following directory […]

What is the correct way to update both WP/plugins/themes without breaking the site?

We seem to get WordPress core updates/plugin updates/theme updates thick and fast and usually every day. When managing a third party WordPress, what is the best procedure to stay secure and have a fully working site, whilst ensuring a client is constantly updated? Do I run a parallel dev site and try the updates first […]