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Restrict access to live site from public while showing small group the new site all on the same URL?

I am trying to come up with a way that I can put a WOrdPress site live on it;s final server for a client and have the site hidden from public. It would show a dummy placeholder page to all visitor unless they enter a password or have a cookie set or IP matching…you get […]

How to rename WP plugin?

I have been modifying free opensourse WP plugin on my test site and I want to change it’s name to a new one. I tried doing so by going to my plugins list on wp-admin/plugin panel and using ‘edit’ button that got me to the editor, I changed plugin name there, saved it – but […]

Retrieving plugin options value saved through setting

Looking at this code below it work add options perfectly and saved them. However I will like to use those data at front page in my plugin short code. class MySettingsPage { /** * Holds the values to be used in the fields callbacks */ private $options; /** * Start up */ public function __construct() […]

Post deleted in trash

I need a plugin or some method to recover deleted post of trash.

WordPress plugin require_once unexpected

I am making a plugin, and for some reason, it is now saying the first line is “unexpected,” no matter what it is. It was working fine before, I made an edit at the bottom of the file, but have since removed it and reuploaded, and it is still throwing the error. For a second […]

WP::is_main_query() Not Working

I am Trying to add some content before the posts container I use this code add_action( ‘wp’, ‘mainFunc’ ); function mainFunc( $query ) { if ( is_home() && $query->is_main_query()) { add_action(“loop_start”,”anotherFunc”); } } and I have anotherFunc() too. but I get Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP::is_main_query() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wp\wp-content\plugins\topMessage\topmessage.php on line 40 Any Ideas […]

I want to filter my products with attributes

I have ebook store, where all the books are listed, everything is done.. In products, publisher and author added as a custom attributes. Now I want to filter the products on the basis of attributes…, Need: Just need to set its links, because I create a publisher page in which all the book publishers name […]

WordPress rewrite rules not working

I have created a plugin and i have gotten rewrite rules to work using my .htaccess file. I would like to make this work from my plugin instead to keep everything contained from within there. Im trying to do this via the wordpress rewrite but nothing i do it working with this. I have even […]

Renaming Custom Taxonomy Values

I’m new to WordPress and have been tasked to migrate an existing non-Wordpress site to WordPress. Our original site has each page associated to a country. I’ve been reading a lot and I believe I need to create a custom post type (“Country Pages”) and a custom taxonomy (“Country”). The problem I have is with […]

How to add the post ID (or any other post data) to a Contact Form 7 mail?

I’ve downloaded Contact Form 7 to add contact forms adding a simple snippet after every post, and I’ve added it in functions.php like this : //if post type I add a form function is_post_type($type) { global $wp_query; if($type == get_post_type($wp_query->post->ID)) return true; return false; } function add_post_content($content){ if(!is_feed() && !is_home()&& is_single() && is_post_type(‘post’)) { $content […]