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Load custom PHP on a custom URL via a plugin

I am looking into having a plugin developed that loads a PHP script (myscript.php) on a custom URL. It’s very important to achieve this functionality with a plugin. Example: – loads myscript.php – prints out “example”

BuddyPress: filter member based on Xprofile Field

I have a xprofile field called Departments the department has three types of value (IT/ISM,Engineering,Others),so if engineering user logged in member page it will show only the members who are Engineering ,when IT/ISM user logged in member page it will show only the members who are IT/ISM ,if admin or others logged in it will […]

How to rewrite URL and get the values?

I created a shortcode by add_shortcode. where the shortcode placed in a wordpress page to display dynamic content. The dynamic content is based on the URL value. Example If URL is wordpress/sample-page/?user=john in my shortcode content I get the url value by $_GET[‘user’] Now I would like to rewrite the url like wordpress/sample-page/john. And want […]

Overwrite add_image_size defined by theme

I bought a WP-Theme which defines a custom image-size in his theme-functions.php like this: if ( function_exists( ‘add_image_size’ ) ){ add_image_size( ‘tie-small’, 70, 70, true ); } As you can see the third-parameter is true, which results in hard crop mode (see WordPress Documentation for add_image_size). This mode isn’t taking care of the proportions so […]

oAuth2 Authentication in WordPress using WP OAuth Server and WP API plugins

I am sturggling with how authentication works in my scenario. I have WordPress site which provides set of custom APIs secured behind oAuth2 Authentication using Wp OAuth Server plugin. I started with building simple custom endpoint by extending WP REST API (WP API) plugin. I setup up my endpoint as POST /api/v1/projects, where my callback […]

Send post changes to set email addresses (not users or subscribers)

What I have I am using the “The Events Calendar” plugin on my site to coordinate a team of employees. I want to be able to send an automated email containing the body of an event post (post-type is not $post, but $tribe_events instead) each time it’s updated, but only to the employees concerned by […]

Enable Shortcode for Custom Wordress Widgets

I would like to use a shortcode for a WordPress Widget. I’ve tried inserting add_shortcode(‘test_widget’, ‘test_load_widget’); at the bottom, but when I tried to load it by calling [test_widget] in a post, it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m new to shortcodes and plugins. Kindly please assist. <?php // Creating the widget class test_widget extends […]

Create a custom page template inside my wordpress plugin

I’m developing a WordPress plugin and I want to create a file to where I want to redirect the user to show some information. I know that a perfect solution for this is using WordPress custom pages. I’ve used it in the past and it was very useful. The problem is I can not use […]

Get list of sites that uses specific plugin or theme

One of most time saving in mutisite is to know where some plugin or theme is used. So i start searching and did not found any solution for this. What i need is help to get list of sites that uses specific plugin or theme. i thought the best will be to add link near […]

WordPress Custom Menu Admin helper plugin

I’m creating learning system in WordPress and I have a lot of pages instead of post. Those pages needs to be in a custom menu with two sub items. It gets really confusing to add pages to the menus because the add to menu section is so tiny. Also some of the sub-pages doesn’t show […]