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How can I have different content for different countries?

My company has always served the Australian market, but we are now also working in the US. How can I have a US version of the site with some different pages/content, without having multiple installations of wordpress? Although some content will need to be different, a lot will remain the same. I don’t need the […]

Adding option values as an array using a multi selectable select box

I have a plugin I’m developing. As part of its functionality I need to set up an option group and specify an option var for that group: function swcs_settings() { register_setting( ‘swcs-settings-group’, ‘swcs_postpage_id’ ); } add_action( ‘admin_init’, ‘swcs_settings’ ); Where swcs_postpage_idis the name of my variable. I am using this variable in a <select> box […]

WordPress Widget Not Saving Instance

I have very simple wordpress widget, that has 3 input field. Whenever i submit data, it does not save to database. I have added and deleted the plugin , deactivated and reactivated multiple times, but no luck. Below is my code :- class price_package extends WP_Widget { function __construct() { parent::__construct( ‘price_package’, ‘Price Package’, array( […]

Show WordPress Plugin Menu(Admin) To Editor

I am an Admin of wordpress website and I have created one user with Editor role, I have installed one plugin Pretty Link( this plugin shows its menu on Admin page but not on Editors page. I want to display this menu option on Editor page also, so how to do this? I am using […]

Override css rules of a plugin within my own theme

I want to override some rules of a plugin css file within my own theme so next time that I updated that plugin, my settings of that plugin be in a safe place . currently I copied that css file into my theme and changed some rules.So then I need to override this rules. I […]

Article content navigator in wordpress like mbaskool website

Is there any way to allow navigation in an article within same post in WordPress. or any such plugins ? Because i searched a lot, but could not find a way. For example : Check this link where we can navigate through top 10 items of same post

Does Deactivating a Plugin Help Anything?

Does deactivating a plugin help with any performance on your website? I mean is it worth deactivating plugins that you don’t use constantly? Does uninstalling a plugin make any difference from deactivating a plugin?

How to save comment name email url fields?

First of all I must admit that I’m not entirely sure about whether or not this question is allowed here (as this is not code debugging question), but still asking in hope some wp users can show me some light on this matter. In wordpress if a website is using the default wordpress comment form […]

Var_dump ACF “API”

I am using ACF (last version) with WordPress (last version too). I need to modify the post_object fields of ACF so I use this acf/fields/post_object/query function. All works fine but when I do a var_dump in the function in the functions.php file, it’s impossible to find the result anywhere 🙁 Does anybody know where I […]

Licensing a Plugin

I am developing some paid for premium features for my plugin which is already available in the WP Repo. What are the best ways to validate licensing etc. for premium features? I want to continue to use the repo so “calling home” is not an option as it is against plugin guidelines. These features are […]