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Fetch CSS of posts

I am using JSON API plugin for fetching recent posts.Now I want to show them in my web as they are being displayed in wordpress.How can i get css of wordpress theme?

Embed PDF into wordpress

is there’s a way to show a PDF file inside Post in wordpress ? i used tag but if someone have Internet Download Manager , Dialog will appear to Download the PDF file if visitor click cancel they will not be able to see it ONLY download it so is there’s a way to Stop […]

Give access of horizontal scroling plugin to user role editor

How do i give access to user role editor without using any plugin using bellow function function HSA_add_to_menu() { add_options_page(‘Horizontal scrolling announcement’, __(‘Horizontal Scrolling’, WP_hsa_UNIQUE_NAME), ‘manage_options’, ‘horizontal-scrolling-announcement’, ‘HSA_admin_options’ ); }

Call another page in forms

I am doing some practice for WordPress plugin. In plugin I am working on a form and what I need is to call another page on submission. I have tried that but nothing seems to work. <form method = “Post” action = “some_file.php”> </form>

Posts to have category specific sidebars with the widgets

I’m using the Divi theme to build my website.My client wants News and Blog page on the same site, so I did this by using categories. My problem is how to achieve category(i.e News and Blog) specific sidebars? By default, posts uses the default sidebars. I set the default sidebar to my Blog page. I’ve […]

Changing plugin options from theme functions file?

I am making a starting-point WordPress theme that will be used on dev projects. In this theme, I am automating common plugin installs that are used on every project. I have been able to automate WordPress Core settings using the update_options() function. What I now want to do is update options of plugins in the […]

Using conditional staements to load plugins

I’m having some conflicts I think with a couple of plugins I have written that use ajax. As they load their resources on every page rather then just when needed I think it’s causing problems. What’s the best way to just load a plugin when you need it? Both plugins in question only need to […]

Calling a class method instantiated by ajax call in wordpress

I have an ajax call in WordPress that instantiate a class. I want to be able to call the class methods in other functions. Here is the code to demonstrate. Ajax call: kalimahJS(“.a”).click(function() { var data = { ‘action’: ‘list_items’ }; kalimahJS.ajax({ url: ajaxurl, type: “POST”, data: data, success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) { console.log(data); } […]

How do I link an image in my plugin so it displays on WordPress?

I’m creating a plugin for a college project. The plugin is very simple: it searches for name of the site address and upon finding it in a post, it outputs the site address with an image. However, I cannot get the code working. I’ve tried this: <?php /* Plugin Name: Murtaghs Trademark Plugin Plugin URI: […]

I am Unable to access WP admin

I am unable to access my WP admin. Showing an Error message: Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home2/tosaleco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/p3-profiler/p3-profiler.php on line 50 Here is the line 50 if ( is_admin() && ‘admin-ajax.php’ == end( explode( ‘/’, $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] ) ) ) { I had nil knowledge about PHP. Please let me know […]