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How do I check what plugins are enabled via the database?

I’d like to query the database directly, and determine which plugins are enabled. How can I do this?

Where to access the available plugin/WordPress updates?

I need to find out where/how I can access the plugin updates in a WordPress site Ideally I want to have these in a json format, with the entire list of plugin updates available. TIA

Why do plugins that cause 'unexpected output' create AJAX problems?

I just had to fix an AJAX failure in the admin area (the search/attach dialog box in the Media Library wasn’t working) and tracked down a plugin that was the culprit. On activation, this plugin was generating ‘unexpected output’ (it had a space after the final php tag). Removing this solved the problem. Why was […]

Using the “Latest posts” feature on a different site

I want to display the “latest x posts“, like you see per default on the index-page, but on a completely different site. E.g. /blog/ Installing WP into the directory /blog/ is not an option, as the other pages will be managed with WP. Currently I’m using the NuRelm Get Posts plugin to get the content […]

How to get a Jewish/English event calendar on a page in WordPress?

What I need is an event calendar to display both the english and Jewish dates, but have it be based on the hebrew date. With this people could input the date of an anniversary and have it reappear every year on the hebrew date and just show what date that would translate to in the […]

Possible to replicate's debate section in wordpress?

We’re building an online magazine with a debate section similar to Is it possible to do it in wordpress with existing plugins? Thanks so much.

Can a plugin deactivate and delete itself once installed and activated?

I have a unique plugin whose purpose is to set up a new WordPress site with a theme, default widgets, default plugins, custom menus, pages, posts, etc. The plugin does everything it needs to do when activated and never runs again. I’m looking for suggestions on how I might, as the last step in the […]

add action for displaying posts using a shortcode

I’m developing a simple plugin for letting a user insert a post from the frontend. I have a shortcode [add-post] which a user can put on any page, say, for eg. My Wall Page Now on My Wall Page a simple form comes up which has a title field, a content field and a category […]

Posts wont expire

I am having some trouble with scheduling posts to automatically expire (either by deleting or going to draft), every plugin I have tried does nothing and when it reaches the scheduled time nothing happens, which is making me think its probably some simple thing I keep overlooking.. I thought I might be a problem with […]

Why my browser keeps loading old version of custom JavaScript files in \divi\js?

I have custom JavaScript files in theme\divi\js. I modify these files and upload them to a GoDaddy web server, but the old version of these files keeps loading. I clear browser cache, disable cache, clear localStorage… I’ve even called GoDaddy tech support to disable CDN cache, but it is still loading the old files until […]