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Call a function for social sharing

Using this tutorial I was able to create sharing buttons, but the problem that the code inject right after the_content();, I would like to have the ability to call anywhere in my templates. My understanding that add_filter(‘the_content’) is the reason for that, so how can I change it to call it anywhere. function social_buttons($content) { […]

Custom meta box with jQuery.sortable custom post type list

What I’m trying to do is have a custom post type ordered differently on different pages. I’ve searched around for quite a while and can’t seem to find anything to help. I have a post type named staff which is a list of staff members. I then have several pages where those staff members are […]

Custom PHP Page Using WordPress login

I created multiple PHP pages linked to WordPress’s DB, where I created a specific table to get information from a posted form. I want people to login using their WordPress credentials to access the page where I show the content of this table. I tried this: //wp-admin //Setup location of WordPress $absolute_path = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]; $path_to_file […]

How to check for completeness when upgrading fails and stuck in maintenance mode

Background: I was upgrading multiple plugins and when the upgrade (backend) screen comes up, it does take some time to load (I am guessing that WP is fetching the upgrade files). For some reason (server location amongst others) this screen can take a while to come up, but once the upgrading process starts, it usually […]

wp_logout_url($redirect); is not working in wordpress

I am writing a simple WP plugin that could log the user in and out. As far as login is concerned its working good but I cannot log out, through my plugin. Logout doesn’t work after I login. I have tried a lot of suggested solutions but none of them worked. This is my code: […]

Edit Permalink Structure For Custom Post Type or Modify .htaccess?

I’ve been trying to find a solution for days now and I am absolutely stumped. I am putting together a website to list my domain portfolio for sale and I’m using a plugin I purchased to lists the domains. The author of the plugin is nowhere to be found and I only have a basic […]

Memory Management when developing plug-ins

I have done a search on this issue here and there are a lot of queries about memory issues and WordPress. The common recommended fix is to alter the WORDPRESS_MEMORY constant. I have a similar question and I would like to avoid the need to redefine this constant. Here is my question as posted at […]

add_meta_box Callback not being called

I created my first plugin last week that makes a custom post type. As this worked, I copy pasted the code I already had and modified it to be a different post type. For whatever reason however, the callback I have set for add_meta_box is not being called. Can anyone tell me why this is, […]

Sending email from inside a plugin using PHP PEAR

I have a plugin that I have developed, part of this plugin will hopefully to send emails with attachments. Before I started with WordPress I did something similar with PHP using the PEAR class as you can send MIME emails. I was wondering if it was possible to use the PEAR class in a WordPress […]

How can I retrieve data within my widget

I have a Widget which I am creating but my quesiton is how do I access my custom table which I created via my plugin. I am attempting to fill the dropdown from the table called tfp which contains the column liters which I wish to popluate the values into the drop down class my_plugin […]