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Posts wont expire

I am having some trouble with scheduling posts to automatically expire (either by deleting or going to draft), every plugin I have tried does nothing and when it reaches the scheduled time nothing happens, which is making me think its probably some simple thing I keep overlooking.. I thought I might be a problem with […]

Why my browser keeps loading old version of custom JavaScript files in \divi\js?

I have custom JavaScript files in theme\divi\js. I modify these files and upload them to a GoDaddy web server, but the old version of these files keeps loading. I clear browser cache, disable cache, clear localStorage… I’ve even called GoDaddy tech support to disable CDN cache, but it is still loading the old files until […]

Missing argument 3 for wp_register_sidebar_widget()

I installed the Deprecated Calls plugin and it’s telling me to change register_sidebar_widget() and register_widget_control(), essentially add wp_ first. I did but I’m getting Missing argument 3 for wp_register_sidebar_widget() and wp_register_widget_control() Is it ok if I put the default none for the 3rd arg?

How do I write into a file (css)

I’m writing my first wp plugin and I have many problems, most of those I got to solve by just reading the codex, but I don’t know how to write into a css file within my plugin’s options. Maybe there’s a better way of doing it, but what I had in mind was using a […]

get values from contact form 7 wp plugin

I am using contact form 7 plugin in my blog.I am having donate option in the form with price option in radio button. user can select and submit.After submitting the form it should redirect to the paypal. with selected price . i tried on_sent_ok: “location = ‘’;” in additional option in form management. But here […]

Collapse content

I’m searching for a way to show/hide some content on a page. There a several plugins which do that for me, but they all show the content directly below or in the shortcode and that is not what I want. I have an button where the user can click on. That button is in a […]

Pass variable to nested shortcode

I’m setting up a plugin with a nested shortcode, i.e. [ct_training_group] [ct_training] [/ct_training_group] Here’s the catch: I use the [ct_training] code outside of the parent as well as within it, and want to output something slightly different in each case. When it is inside a group, I need to omit the <ul> and </ul> that […]

Why this global array is returning NULL from a callback function

This drove me crazy for hours now… Please tell me why the $ppk_fields array is empty in the ppk_field_callback function? Note that it returns the correct values in the ppk_default_id function but that is not a callback function. Thank you! ppk.php class Ppk { public function ini() { add_action( ‘admin_menu’, array( $this, ‘add_ppk_p_menu’ ) ); […]

wordpress theme backend admin only

Does anyone know of a theme that completely removes all uses and aspects of the frontend. So the sole use of the site will be in the admin section. to use as a portal for something like a school or internal government uses.

Demystifying and understanding shortcode nomenclature

A code snippet from the Tuts Plus → function link($atts, $content = null) { extract(shortcode_atts(array( “to” => ‘’ ), $atts)); return ‘<a href=”‘.$to.'”>’.$content.'</a>’; } Source Link → Question → How to reproduce “$to” in the shortcode? I tried this → [link $to= “”] But this didnt worked.