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Plain <a> links in single-class.php and archive-class.php not working

This seems like it should be super-easy to resolve, but it has me stumped. All the links on my page added via get_header() and get_footer() work just fine. The links added via single-class.php and archive-class.php don’t work. Looking at the source code in Google Chrome, the links appear to be perfectly formed, but when I […]

Sharing functions between plugins

I asked a question similar to this, but after reading a comment from another question which states the functions.php file should not be used for plugin related stuff, I thought I would ask a slightly different question. Currently I have a number of complex CPTs set up as plugins which in places share similar functionality. […]

Displaying data from another database

I’m working on custom plugin that will pull property information from our non-wordpress database. That is working just fine. Where I’m having problems is getting the whole front end piece to work. I have my plugin setup with a custom post type called property (url: http://localhost/property). On the archive-property.php I have a php function that […]

Change website directory safely to add a static page on startup

I have a blog I want to have a static HTML page on start-up before user may see the blog. For that I am planing to move my whole site to and want to upload the static html landing page on root. Whats the easiest way to achieve that? any plugin etc to […]

Disable Checkbox depending on state of another checkbox

I’m trying to disable a checkbox depending on the state of another checkbox. <form action=”options.php” method=”post” id=”form_submission”> <table> <tr> <td width=”200px”> <label for=”first_option”><?php _e(‘First Option:’, ‘my_plugin’); ?></label> </td> <td> <input type=”checkbox” name=”first_option_show” value=”show” <?php echo (get_option(‘first_option_show’)==”show” ? ‘checked’ : ”);?>> </td> <td> <input type=”checkbox” name=”first_option_required” value=”required” <?php echo (get_option(‘first_option_required’)==”required” ? ‘checked’ : ”);?>> </td> </tr> […]

How to get rid of Ellipsis on Woocommerce Theme

As the picture says I am trying to remove the three dots that follow the end of the blue sentence (shown in the photo). I am also trying to increase the numbers of characters it can reveal. Furthermore, for some reason, the blue text shows “&” and “&nspb” symbols at the end of some excerpts, […]

Every time I save my plugin options it erases another plugin options

I created two plugins, when I save one settings it completely erases the settings from the other one, and it also happens the other way round. I really don’t understand what the issue might be about since they don’t share the same general configuration: one plugin options are saved in pl_popup_options and the other in […]

Custom form not showing in correct place on page

I have a page like this: <h2 class=”subHeader contentSubHeader”>Are you already a member? Don´t miss your next career opportunity!</h2> <p class=”subHeader contentSubHeader”>[one_half padding=”0px 40px 0 20px”][multipage_form][/one_half]</p> <div class=”text contentText”> <p style=”text-align: left;”>[one_half_last padding=”0px 20px 0 20px”]</p> ✔ We’ll keep you informed about new opportunities in the digital sector that fit your profile. ✔ We have […]

Action on WordPress Install

I am trying to use this to fire when I first create WordPress site / “install WordPress” (i.e complete the “5 minute setup“) but the wpmu_new_blog action does not seem to get fired. Is there an action I can hook to catch the initial site creation / WordPress Installation? I would like to start […]

Creating a search form and displaying results

Im trying to create a plugin for a site where the user can see a table of orders from customers in the WordPress dashboard, It’s a custom db but I’m using the wp-list-table, I’ve wrecked my brain for hours trying to get the built in search for that working I want to create a search […]