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codecanyon-577696-security-ninja codecanyon-2927931-core-scanner-addon-for-security-ninja codecanyon-3686330-scheduled-scanner-addon-for-security-ninja codecanyon-8531381-events-logger-addon-for-security-ninja All of four are in zip file so i want to create a single zip so whenever i install this single zip all four plugin will installed. Now I want to merge them how to do this job

Custom Plugin – Query CPT – Display Results

This code is going into a sample Plugin I am creating as a test using CPT and print them to a Page. I have been trying to get print_r() to give me an object. The custom post types are posting – verified. The data is being stored in MySQL – verified. Thus the post type […]

WordPress API functions not working at AJAX functions.php call

I am trying to show subcategories of a category in WordPress using AJAX: when I select a main category, there is a call to WP Ajax and the result is used in showing the subcategories. So far, I have the client-side code that works when not calling a WP function (this code is in a […]

Should meta boxes for specific pages be save in their own plugins?

I realize this is a subjective question, but I need some opinions on where to put functionality like meta boxes that belong to specific pages. Let’s say I have a template called Gallery Page. On that gallery page I have some custom meta boxes that I use for some gallery related, custom input from the […]

add_meta_box creating default form field types

I’m using add_meta_box as per the Codex entry. My question is about the ‘callback’ to print the form fields on the admin page. In the Codex, the form fields are echoed as written out HTML elements, but in some plugins I’ve looked through, the developers prefer to use ‘callback_args’ to pass an easy to understand […]

How to relate 3 wordpress components with each other (Create database relationships)

Alright, so I have these 3 website parts: Gallery (that has) Artist Place A gallery can have only one artist and one place An artist can have many galleries A place can have many galleries When I open a new gallery, we’ll see who made it (Artist) and where it was (Place) An artist has […]

How to add an extra, independent set of custom fields?

I’m looking for a plugin or sth to let the admin enter a list of specs (name & value) for a given type of post. The regular custom fields would work perfectly but of course, they are used by some other plugins and I don’t really want to filter them on my theme (since plugins […]

post_parent in custom post type

I’ve two custom post types, type1 and type2 My current workflow of creating contents, from the user perspective a user created posts of type1, i.e. post1, post2, post3 on a particular day our system automatic create a post of type2 is at the end of the day, i.e. `post the post_parent of post1, post2, post3 […]

Do rewrites added with add_rewrite_rule() persist after plugin deletion?

I am developing a WordPress plugin and need to ad a rewrite url using add_rewrite_rule(). That does work. But what happens when my plugin is deleted? Does WordPress cleanup the htaccess or do I need to do that? How can I remove a url which was added using add_rewrite_rule()?

Showing the results of a search (made through a 3rd party search provider) inside an article

I’d like to develop a plugin that allows me to insert a shortcode in one article [show_image_search key=”Alghe Wakam√®”] and which will show something similar to the image below. Where can I start from? (even a link to other questions / article / WP documentation could be a valid starting point)