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WooCommerce: VAT on grouped products

I’m new to WooCommerce and I have the problem that grouped products always show the default VAT because I can’t change the tax setting on the grouped products. The simple products combined by the grouped one have the reduced rate. So I probably have to change the output in my (sub-)theme to the VAT of […]

Setting Custom Email From name and email address in wp_email()

I am writing a custom plugin that sends an email to users from admin/front end section. I am using wp_email() to send emails and emails are being sent fine. I am testing this on a plain WP installation with only my plugin installed and hostgator as my hosting server. Whenever the email is sent, the […]

Disable WooCommerce action

I’m customizing a WooCommerce theme and am going to be moving the title. There is an action in content-single-product.php called: do_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’ ); in the woocommerce_hooks.php file the title action is: add_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, ‘woocommerce_template_single_title’, 5 ); I can easily comment this out and place the title function where I need to. I’d prefer to disable […]

Set of plugins to control the Admin UI

What plugin you would recommend that would give powerful Admin UI options such as change Add Posts menu item to Add Articles, remove Add Media option for certain user roles and not allowing certain user roles to create Tags etc. I’m not talking about those plugins that lets you do client logo instead of WordPress […]

Automatically install wordpress plugin at theme activation

I’m looking into using to activate required plugins for my custom theme during the theme activation step. From what I can tell, this class only Activates plugins automatically, but it doesn’t automatically Install plugins I have bundled with my theme. Does anyone know if it’s possible to automatically Install plugins upon theme activation? Preferably, […]

plugins_url function mixes system path and URL

In my WordPress widget I use the following code: wp_register_script(‘jquery-ui.widget’, plugins_url(‘assets/js/jquery-ui-1.9.2.widget.js’, dirname( __FILE__ ))); Unfortunately, the code gives me an invalid URL which is mixed with my system path: Is this problem maybe related to the fact that I have a local WordPress installation running on a Windows computer (with Apache 2)?

How to Sort the Favorite Plugins Screen Alphabetically?

When viewing the Favorite Plugins tab, /wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=favorites, the list comes unordered, is it possible to sort it from A to Z?

WP-Markdown treating java generics like HTML tags

With some Java generic code in a code block, ie: List<Integer> l = new ArrayList<Integer>(); WP-Markdown was treating as HTML, and no matter what I did, the code above got turned into something like List<Integer> l = new ArrayList</Integer><Integer>();</Integer> Is there any way to get WP Markdown to behave better with this kind of code? […]

Should i delete the posts created by a plugin on uninstall?

I created a plugin which is based on a Custom Post Type. When someone uninstalls this plugin, should i delete the posts under this post type or i should just leave them untouched?

Travel Blog Plugins

I’m using WordPress to create a blog of my travels later on this year. I would like the blog to have the following features my posts to be geo-located a map containing the locations of my posts ability to click individual points on the map to get to the post. I am looking for the […]