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Customizing $product->get_title() function

i’m customizing a popular CSV exporting tool for Woocommerce. I’ve got an issue on extracting names for products. Look at this line of code: $product->name = get_the_title($product->ID); This returns a string like Variation #4923 of ProductName I would like to remove “Variation #Number of ” from every export that i make. I do not want […]

Plugin not working locally, but works on server

This is a hail Mary throw, but I appreciate any ideas that could point me in the right direction. I had a “plugin” created for my wordpress site. I have a live site that is on a server and one that is installed locally on Xampp. This plugin works great on the live server site, […]

Conditional custom redirect

I want to achieve the following: On a post or a page, I can define an optional custom redirect URL (possibly as an Advanced Custom Field) If I view this post/page with a specific added URL parameter (like “?redirect=true”, send a redirect to the defined custom URL, otherwise do not redirect. My naive approach would […]

How can I 'reactivate' .PHP files within a WP plugin that have been marked 'inactive'?

I attemped to edit .PHP files associated with a plugin through the Editor in Dashboard while the plugin was active – all .PHP files associated with that plugin have now been marked ‘inactive’ and the changes are not being reflected on the site. The changes I have made to these documents are reflected in the […]

At a Loss on over Page Peel Plugin Customization

I am trying to install and configure the Page Peel Plugin for a friend on their site. The plugin is from and they’re support is non-existent. I have it installed but for some reason the Page Peel is not displaying. The code is present when I view Source but no image is visible. I’ve […]

Remove Yoast jQuery from front end

I would like to remove the following two script and one style tags. They appear to be added by the Yoast SEO plugin, but looking through their plugin files yields nothing promising. Does anyone know where these are enqueued or another way to remove them? <!– / Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. –> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script> […]

How can I add a fixed vertical menu to my site?

I’d like to have a vertical (secondary) menu on some sub-pages of my site. It should be fixed (will stay as the viewer scrolls down the screen). I’m currently using the Q2W3 fixed widget, but it lacks the customization options I’m looking for…wondering what other options are out there?

How to add category and subcategory in WordPress custom code?

I create custom plugin for import categories. now i have categories array from api.but when import categories into my wordpress woo commerce means not working. My code is given below. public function sample_insert_category() { if(!term_exists(‘sample-category’)) { wp_insert_term( ‘Sample Category’, ‘category’, array( ‘description’ => ‘This is an sample category.’, ‘slug’ => ‘sample-category’ ) ); } } […]

WordPress plugin: efficient way to store large data

I have excel file with 1000+ records. Basically it has zipcode and corresponding email addresses. I need to create a custom wordpress plugin which queries this data and sends the mail. It would be nice if I can show the data in admin area of the WordPress. Please suggest me Which is best way to […]

Load plugin script in specific page

I tried to use the code below in version 4.0 of my wordpress and you can not load the file you wish only a specific page. Is there any way to do this with other code? The plugin in question is the Multi-column Tag Map function wpa_scripts() { // if this is not the contact […]