Articles of plupload add context

I have frame on my plugin to upload doc, docx file. I am filtering the uploaded file. If uploaded other than supported file, it will display this error I am filtering it at wp_handle_upload_prefilter to check for supported file However this filter will affect all other media uploader as well. I think, if it […]

Getting ID from ajax response of async-upload.php

Its a wordpress+jQuery question. Can’t post it on stackoverflow because i believe it involves wordpress knowledge too. What I am trying to achieve: I am attaching the wordpress async media uploader on “add post” page metabox so user can upload lots of images simply drag and drop them into the uploader and don’t have to […]

post_id missing from the wp-admin file upload request

I’m trying to upload an attachment using the “Add Media” button placed right above the editor. The request goes to the wp-admin/async-upload.php file. I can put a var_dump($_REQUEST); call there. Whenever I upload an attachment for a regular post, the $_REQUEST contains the post_id key and the attachment has that post saved as it’s parent_post. […]

How to use Plupload in themes

I am developing a theme which needs uploading from front-end. I want to integrate plupload in my theme while keeping in mind that: Uploading will be handled upon form submission, and not from the plupload regular method. This means that I just need the design of plupload, and not the uploading functionality. After selecting the […]

Add inline uploader to plugin option page

I would like to implement an inline file uploader to my plugin’s option page as introduced in new media grid view of the WP media library: I imagine having this drag & drop uploader in the page and getting an JSON object of either errors or attachment data back in JS when used. As far […]

Plupload Intergration in a meta-box?

I know that plupload is going to be the new upload engine for WordPress 3.3 but I was wondering if there is any documentation yet on how it integrates with WordPress. My specifically how to collect a response from the plUpload jQuery object once it has uploaded the media that you want and how one […]