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Creating a podcast directory site – how to allow user to upload “large” files?

I wish to create a podcast directory site. For which, I’d like the users of my site to be able to upload audio files which are “large” (e.g: more then 2 or 8 MB), and to make that upload “easily” go to the correct field in a relevant plugin (such as “podcasting“) Any suggestions will […] podcast feed missing iTunes tags?

I recently published a podcast hosted on on iTunes and it says “Podcasts by Unknown”. It seems like it is missing the author tag. My question is that how can I add the author tag to the RSS since I used the RSS widget to expose my RSS?

Is it possible to use WP_Query to only pull posts with attachments?

I am working on a plugin for generating podcast feeds, and I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to use WP_Query to pull only posts from a specified category that have audio attachments. I know I can do this in a custom query, for example: $podeps = $wpdb->get_results( “SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS $wpdb->posts.* FROM $wpdb->posts,wp_term_relationships […]

WordPress for Podcast Network

Is there a theme or some hack of the categories system that I can use to create a site for a podcast network? I want it similar to This Week in Tech in that all the podcasts will appear on the front page, but also each have their own homepage. I do not think a […]

iTunes byte range request conflict — PHP download server solution?

After submitting a podcast to iTunes, I got this error message: “Your episodes are hosted on a server which doesn’t support byte-range requests. Enable byte-range requests and try your submission again.” This post from the WordPress support forums and the other pages I’ve found refer to as a solution, but I’m unclear on how […]

Podcast set up within a page, or, adding a /feed to a page

I have no idea really to start. Basically my media guy want’s a /feed for one of my pages. My website is and that has a working However, the “sermons” page does not have a feed. So is 404ed. Is there a way to way to easily add a /feed? I do […]

How can I create podcast posts automatically from the contents of a particular directory?

All of the WordPress Podcasting plugins I have seen allow you to easily insert a podcast into a post. Is there any way to automate the creation of the post (and the podcast feed) by simply uploading the podcast into a specific directory? For example I could upload 10 podcasts into the /media/ directory and […]

Podcast Guest List

So what I want to do is too have a function similar to a category or tag, but a little more robust. It’s for a podcast to list of guests for each episode. Ideally this would do a few things: Guest Data For each guest (added to an episode), display their: name, photo, twitter id, […]

Blubrry PowerPress vs. PodPress?

I’m setting up a simple WP install to host a friend’s podcast, and looking into various podcasting plugins. I need something that makes it easy to upload a podcast, attach it to a post, and publish a feed I can provide to iTunes. Most of the buzz seems to indicate that PodPress and Blubrry PowerPress […]

Large Uploads in WordPress

I’m working with a church that uses WordPress to manage their website and podcast. So far, they have a 200-step process every week for publishing the podcast (I exaggerate, but it is a huge step-by-step list). Among other things, they have to: Record the sermon Master the sermon recording Create an MP3 Upload the MP3 […]