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Using GraphQL Plugin with Pods Framework

So, I started to experiment with a GraphQL plugin for WP, and was wondering how it’d work with Pods. I came across a question on that plugin’s GitHub that’s pretty much the same thought I had. The maintainers supplied an answer: Each Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy you want to add to the Schema […]

Pods CMS: How to add custom column to Adnvanced Content Type

I’m using Pods plugin (ver 2.2) to create some ‘Pods’ or Advanced Content Types, as they would refer to it, which are like custom post types but are actually separate from WP, blank slate, in their own tables. Each content type has at least two fields. What I wanted to know is how do I […]

How to group navigation items in the admin panel

I have more than 50 custom post types which I have created using the Pods plugin. The problem is that the left navigation of the admin panel looks really busy and messy and it takes a lot of time for me to get to the needed CPT. Lots of the CPTs are related to each […]

Pods CMS – Get ACT's attached image records by auto-id?

I have a situation where I can’t use usual Pod object and I have Advanced Content Type to deal with. I have a very large record set and I need to build a custom query to fetch the attached image records with main record. Example Data: Pod Name = coupons Fields (e.g.) id, name, description, […]

Using PODS data with save_post

I’m trying to use the save_post hook to send an SMS to a telephone number entered into a PODS custom post type. The SMS should be sent when the record is saved. add_action( ‘save_post_appointment’, ‘sendsms_save’ ); function sendsms_save() { $username = ‘username’; $password = ‘password’; $msisdn = $_POST[“mobile”]; $content=”Hi”; $data = “username=”.$username.”&password=”.$password.”&message=”.urlencode($content).”&msisdn=”.urlencode($msisdn); $ch = curl_init(‘’); […]

PODS performance vs custom field

is using pods’s own content tpye where custom fields are all stored in one table more scalable than custom fields of wordpress where each field is a row in the meta table… I haven’t used PODS yet but storing all fields in one table seems more scalable and easier to maintain? what are the disadvantages […]

find pods item where relationship to other pod is not set

I need to fix the effect of an error that left empty a relationship field that should have been autofilled. To fix this I need to find all pods item that has the relationship not set, but I don’t know how to do it. I tried with ‘where’ => ‘ = “”‘ in a find() […]

Define/declare new custom types with fields in plugin?

I want to develop a plugin using Pods but I want to create all the necessary custom types, fields, etc… on activation of my plugin. Is it possible? what are the good practices/approach? my plugin would depend on pods framework but everything done in code without the user having to create the custom types and […]

Include related custom fields from one post type in another post type's JSON feed

I have a custom post type called Offers, and in this post type is a custom field called Store, which is a relationship field type to another custom post type Stores. This has been created using the Pods framework. I’m using the JSON API plugin to get a feed of Offers, and you can include […]

Custom User meta field display

I’m using PODS plugin ( to extend main types in wp and WP Tiles for tiles rendering ( I’v already added field position to user type (it’s meta). And i try to call it so (in Text-Only Byline Template): <span class=”author-name”>%author%</span> <span class=”author-position”>%meta:position</span> but it render’s me: admin %meta:position what i do wrong, and how […]