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Float images in content

This is not a programming question. I have the problem to update the content in my WordPress blog. I’m very aware this problem can be solved by html modification. But my client doesn’t know about html.So i need to give him relevant solution. My Problem :- I want to show my content as below screen. […]

wp_insert_post -> post_content not showing

I have a problem with wp_insert_post. When I’m attempting to insert my post, the post_content essentially shows up as just blanks spaces. I even went into MySQL to confirm. Everything else, post_title, post_excerpt, etc shows up just fine. I did a print_r($this->postData) Just prior to passing this to wp_insert_post just to be sure it wasn’t […]

Get IDs of posts currently visible on archive

This probably is a easy one for many. And also probably is already answered here, but I don’t know how to search for it – so sorry I did search but not found anything. I like to get the contents of all posts currently visible on a archive page, during wp_enqueue_scripts. If I am right […]

Check if page/post has any anchors that link to an image jpg/gif/png

What I’m aiming to do is add fancybox to a site I’m developing, but I only want to enqueue the JS/CSS etc if the page/post needs it. My thoughts are that I would need to check all the anchor tags on the post or page , and if the anchor tags link to any form […]

How to *disable* the post content editor

Any good ideas on how to disable the post content editor? I don’t want to hide it, remove it, or remove the page. The goal is to allow users with few permissions to view the edit screen so they can read the content, but not be able to make changes to the content. (I also […]

How to create WP Editor using javascript

I am trying to create some kind of repeated fields and for that, I want to create a new wp editor with some unique ID. So my question is there any way to create wp_editor using any js? same as we get using <?php wp_editor() ?> WordPress function. I have tried using tinyMCE .init( { […]

Removing the title attribute from links in the post content

When using the WYSIWYG editor to create links, and selecting an existing page or post from the selection list, those links will have a title attribute by default. Is there a simple way of turning off this behaviour? I would like turning it off at its root (i.e., in the WYSIWYG editor) rather than hooking […]

How do I insert a short tag after 350 words in post_content?

I have 700 posts mostly in excess of 1000 words each. I’m setting this up as a membership site. I’m using wishlist member and would like to protect all the content after the first 350 words. This requires placing a short tag after the 350th word and another short tag at the very end of […]

Is it possible to handle a specific section of a post separately?

I’ve tinkered with WordPress a little, but I’m far from an expert, so apologies in advance if this is a duplicate question. I’ve built a simple WordPress theme based around Bootstrap, and I can successfully display posts using the_content(), while filling in the sidebar using get_sidebar(). My question is whether it’s possible to tag a […]

How to embed page content in a blog post

I’ve built an HTML table that is posted on a page in my site, and I’d like to use that same content inside a blog post (something of an announcement of the table’s publication). The table is likely to get updated from time to time, so I’d like to have a single source for maintenance […]