Articles of post duplication

Auto-create a pretty permalink for a bunch of posts

I have spammed many duplicate posts from one initial and now after editing them the url structure for them is something like where base-name is the slug of the duplicated initial post. Now, I could change the permalink for every one of them manually I know, but is there a way to create a […]

How to avoid duplicate posts on front page?

how to avoid duplicate posts on front page? i have 1 category ‘news’ for all posts and some categories like ‘vegetables’ and ‘fruits’. Each post is in ‘news’ and particular category. At the top of page i have recent 3 ‘news’ posts and in other places i want to press fe.3 recent posts for ‘fruits’ […]

Prevent duplicate post from dynamic multiple loops

I was trying to list 20 recent posts, and put a post from custom post type on every 5th item. So it’s like: Post Post Post Post Post Custom Post Type Post Post Post Post Post Custom Post Type .. and so on. Here’s what I did so far. It’s working but the custom post […]

How to change title tags on paginated posts?

I’ve created many post with multiple pages with the nextpage-tag. The problem is that these show up as errors in “Google Webmaster Tools” because of duplicate title tags and meta descriptions. The urls are like this: all of which have the same title and meta tags. Is it somehow possible to include […]

How do I Import an RSS feed as WordPress posts without duplicates?

I have an XML feed url I am now using this code to create new Custom Post Type Posts from an rss feed in my functions.php file: /* | ——————————————————————- | Schedule and update fashion news with the news rss feed | ——————————————————————- | | */ if (!wp_next_scheduled(‘update_feed’)) wp_schedule_event(current_time(‘timestamp’), ‘hourly’, ‘update_feed’); add_action(‘update_feed’, ‘update_fashion_news’); function update_fashion_news() […]

Mysql Query to Delete Duplicate WordPress posts?

I have a lot of duplicate posts. So, how to delete them (only keep 1 post). If they have same title, they are duplicate posts. Thank you very much ! Have a nice day !

Copying Custom Meta Values from existing post to a duplicate post

I’m trying to revise an existing WP plugin BU Versions to accept different custom meta field values from items I’ve set-up using the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. BU Versions will copy over the title, excerpt, content and a few other page specific features from one page to another, but I can’t get it to […]

Real time Duplicate title check

On my website there are a lot of authors and they are all writing about italian ‘scene’ so sometimes it happens that two of them write the same post or use same title so what I’m looking for is a way to prevent duplicated posts using title comparison. Something like here on stackexchange or that […]

Copy one CPT to another one in WordPress

I’m building a site with two separate CPTs nominees and winners The idea is that we have a user submit a nomination in one of 7 categories ( taxonomy ) on the front end, and editors go in and approve nominations for display on the website. Once every quarter, a selection of 7 nominees ( […]

remove missing image attachments

Best way to programatically remove attachments that are missing images? I ask because after using a caching plugin, I have images that have been input in the database as attachments that don’t actually exist. These usually take the form of xxxx.1jpg, where xxxx.jpg is a valid. Sometimes this number is a 2 or a 21. […]