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How to get Text Selection in WordPress Editor

I want something like if I select any word in WordPress Visual Editor, it will get replaced with my own text. Actually Visual Editor is an iFrame. We can do this thing in textarea, but how can we implement this in iFrame (WordPress Visual Editor)? Any help would be appreciated.

Are there individual memory allocations for different user roles in WordPress?

I am attempting to edit a specific page via the WordPress admin area while logged in as an Editor, however, the page dies with the following error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in [PATH]/htdocs/wp-includes/meta.php on line 841 This is only affecting this page, and granted, it […]

Adding a Nav menu to post admin

i want insert a dropdown menu with list of menus, that i’ve created in nav-menu.php, to post-admin… For example, when i’m creating a post, i want insert a menu “Paul” in a post (only a post that i want) selecting a menu at right sidebar of Admin-Post. I’ve copied the rows: add_action( ‘init’, ‘register_my_menus’ ); […]

How can I automatically set a post slug based on the post title during post publish?

When you create a post in WP, if you don’t specify a title rapidly, WP generates a default slug on autosave, based on the post ID. Then, when you add the title later, unless you modify the slug by editing it, it remains the same (based on post ID) What I’m trying to do is […]

WordPress hook that gets featured image from direct URL?

I use a lot of plugins on my site so I’m trying to minimize the amount more plugins. I was wondering if there’s a wordpress hook I can use so that I can use an image that is hosted on imageshack and use that as a featured image without having the image saved on my […]

Editing a Post, 99% CPU?

I have a blog with ~15k posts, and a DB size of 14.4M. The website works blazingly fast from the front end, but post-edit and post-listing screens hang – either loading partially or not at all. Even worse, the entire server gets bogged down after trying… Examining the process manager showed that /public_html/wp-admin/edit.php or /public_html/wp-admin/post.php […]

How to add multiple checkbox elements to media attachments?

Based on solved question from: How to add a checkbox element to attachments editor with example Theres an example of multiple Checkboxes, for example: Colors, patterns, etc… A grouped list but using checkboxes? Tips to save and remember checked options on edit? Thanks in advance.

WordPress Post Editor Toolbar Missing

I’ve just migrated from one host to another (VPS). Now the post editor toolbar has gone away. And also parts of the website shows on the admin side when using the post editor. The only thing I did was move the site from one hosting provider to another. Any idea what could be going on […]

How to add “Check all” to Edit post page in WP?

I want to add a checkbox to Edit Post page in WordPress admin and clicking on that checkbox should select all categories How can I do that? Image description bellow…

can't see all pages in dashboard (can only see 3) /wp-admin/edit.php > 500 error

A client’s website has 12 pages, but we can both only see 3 of them, even though we have administrator accounts, and creating a new administrator account does not solve the problem. Screen Options will not open, and if I check the Chrome console, I see: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a […]