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Custom Post Formats

Here’s my use case: a client will be making numerous blog posts, some of which are portfolio pieces of his recent work. This sounds like a perfect use case for a Post Format, but no “portfolio” post format exists. Post Formats are meant to be standardized, common formats, such as gallery, quote, status etc. Unfortunately […]

Post Format single-loop.php using get_template_part

I have set up to use post formats gallery and video in addition to the standard. I am editing the loop-single.php to give it different layouts for each post format, but I’m to include get_template_part for each post format. This is what I have: <?php /** * The loop that displays a single post. * […]

Different markup for each post format

I use the framework and in my content.php (the template displaying the loop of posts) I have the following code: <div class=”article-text dot-ellipsis”> <div class=”article-title clickablediv”> <a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” title=”<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>”><?php the_title(); ?></a><br> </div> <div class=”excerpt-index clickablediv”> <a href=”<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>”></a> <?php the_date(); echo ” – “; $my_excerpt = get_the_excerpt(); if […]

Filter the_content() in the Quote Post Format to Display Quotes

I’m customizing a theme for a client and I want to leverage post formats. On the quote post format I would like the_content(); to be wrapped in a two spans that contains quotation marks that I could style and position. Is this possible? Thanks.

Display Post Format as a String

I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but I can’t find an answer. I just want to display (in the loop) what post format a post is in. I’m trying to avoid using a bunch of if / else if conditions. I’m not trying to restyle the post based on format, just display “Gallery” or […]

Tumblr-like Post Types for WordPress

Is there any way to get Tumblr-like post types for WordPress? Ones where when you select a post type, it gives you different fields in the post editor for that type. For instance, if there was a link post type, I could enter the URL, the title, and an optional description of the link. Or, […]

Add URL field to the link post format

I’m building a blog where 95% of posts will be of “link” post format. I’d like to specify the URL explicitly when adding a new “link” post. In a separate field between the title and the content. (Not taken as a first link from the content as Twenty Thirteen does by default) What is the […]

How to load a different header based on post format?

I have a difficult question. What’s the best way to load a different header based on a post format? I guess I could load another loop around the header but I noticed the site does slow down. This is the code on my index.php: <?php get_header();?> <section id=”block”> <?php if ( have_posts() ) : while […]

How to enqueue scripts depending on post formats?

So I’m trying to enqueue scripts used for some post formats like video and audio and I could find a way to check what post formats are going to be shown on the page. I tried print_r on some global variables but they doesn’t seems to have post_format in the post details, I tried $posts […]

Exclude Post Format from next_post and prev_post

Is there a way to exclude a specific Post Format from next_post and prev_post? I want my asides to show up in the regular list of posts on the main blog page, but when a user is navigating through single post pages with next and prev links, I don’t want the asides to show up.