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How to check what plugins used to be on a WordPress installation?

It’s easy to see what plugins are currently disabled through /wp-admin — but how could I see what plugins used to be on an installation of WordPress and were deleted?

Installed successfully; home page still redirects to install.php

I’ve done WP installs in the past and haven’t had issues, so I’m a little stumped here. I’ve correctly created wp-config.php. I ran the install script, and everything appeared to be successful. I have all the tables in MySQL and am able to log into the dashboard with the admin account I created. However, the […]

Subdirectory install error

I’m seeing the error the theme directory “twentyfifteen” does not exist for the twentyfifteen theme after trying a WordPress subdirectory install for the first time. I can access the admin panel ok at but the home page is blank (Not a WSOD 500 error but a 200 OK) I’ve enabled WP_DEBUG but can’t find […]

Is there any plugin hook that I can latch onto once a site is freshly installed?

To customize a fresh new WP install, there are a bunch of pluginable functions that can be overridden. Namely wp_install() and wp_install_defaults(). And wp_new_blog_notification(). I’d like to override a couple of default options without needing to keep custom versions of the latter in sync with core in my wp-content/install.php file. I’m not finding any obvious […]

How to properly secure my WordPress installation?

I’m currently on my own server ( with my own website. WordPress being kind of a big shot of CMS, it may be targeted by hacks. Any tips and tricks on how to properly secure my WordPress installation from said hackers and evil-doers?

Changing the wp db prefix after installation?

I have nearly completed a project but forgot in the first place to change the wp_ db prefix on install. Now i am a little bit worried to change it afterwards in fear of breaking the whole installation. Therefor the question if these described methods still work with 3.8.x or has anything change since then? […]