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How to Easily Make Thumbnails from image links list into posts?

How to Easily Make Thumbnails from image links list into posts? For example: I have : . . . list of image links urls from our website and I want to put them together into a new post as thumbnails gallery. How can I easily do that? I dont want to add […]

wp_get_attachment_image_src() works on index, but not on Archives

I’m customizing a client theme and he asked me to do this: when a user clicked on thumbnail of a post on index and archives, the large size of post thumbnail shows up in a lightbox. So I’ve got the large size of post thumbnail using: <?php $page_id = get_queried_object_id(); ?> <?php $thumbs_array = wp_get_attachment_image_src( […]

Remove special characters of a already uploaded image

I have an application that when was developed most of the images had special characters in the name, in the time that wasn’t a problem, but when the application went to a host the images with special characters didn’t render. I was trying to replace all the special characters with his equivalent, but with no […]

How to Replace the WordPress Featured Image with a Video?

I need to replace featured images on pages with a video if certain posts contain a video from YouTube, Vimeo, other video hosting services allowed by WordPress. Here’s the pseudo code that I want to use on a custom page: if ( has_post_thumbnail( get_the_ID() { if has_video(pseudocode to check whether the single post contains youtube […]

Make image full width

I am trying to make the featured image full width in my wordpress theme. I want it so that when you go to the individual posts page the featured image is full width at the top. (similar to ( Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could achieve this? add_image_size(‘banner-image’, 9999, 9999, true); and […]

How to undo thumbnail regenration

I recently used the regenerate thumbnail plugin in an attempt to fix cropped thumbnails. However, the regeneration ended up cropping all other thumbnails instead of fixing the few cropped ones. Please help!

After adding this function in functions.php when I save a draft the changes aren't saved

I added this function to my functions.php so that when the category is “1210” it changes the featured image. For some reason after adding this the changes I make to the post through the WordPress dashboard aren’t saved. The function seems to work fine but messes up saving the draft. function imagemdestaque() { global $post; […]

how to have full width image zoom in when screen size increases

On my wordpress posts I added the post thumbnail at the top of the page to be full width. It works correctly, except the picture always stays the same size, it never crops. So if the screen is big the picture is stretched so much that it looks distorted. I want the thumbnail to crop […]

How to change text of Remove featured image

I have used this code to change text of Featured images link : function slider_change_featured_image_text( $content ) { if ( ‘twabc’ === get_post_type() ) { $content = str_replace( ‘Set featured image’, __( ‘Set Slider Image ‘, ‘slider’ ), $content ); $content .= ‘ <br/> <strong>Note :For better view , please upload image of size 2000 […]

custom image size showing different sizes for each image

At the top of each of my wordpress posts I am trying to display the post featured image in full width. (similar to I have added a custom image size but when I go to view the posts the featured image at the top is full width, but the height varies between images. For […]