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Post schedule being missed

Out of the blue, my post scheduling ceased working a couple a days ago. I tried everything I found when looking for the answer here at WordPress Answers, but none of the suggestions worked in my case. Could anyone offer a solution for this? I’m running the latest WordPress version and already tried disabling the […]

Front-End Custom Taxonomy Tag Select

The theme I am currently using features a front-end dashboard with posting and post editing, but the pre-existing submission form currently lacks a field to select one or more custom taxonomy tags (taxonomy=ptags). What I would like to do is add either a required drop-down tag selection box to the existing form containing the available […]

How do I programmatically create new posts of a custom post type over the XML-RPC API?

I would like to programmatically create posts of a custom post type with custom taxonomies over the XML-RPC API. This is what I have so far: <?php class XMLRPClientWordPress { var $XMLRPCURL = “”; var $UserName = “”; var $PassWord = “”; // constructor public function __construct($xmlrpcurl, $username, $password) { $this->XMLRPCURL = $xmlrpcurl; $this->UserName = […]

Preview featured image using frontend post plugin

I’m using Frontier Post plugin for frontend posting and it works great, but I would like to add the following: when a user uploads/selects a featured image I would like it to be immediately displayed (sort of like facebook when you upload a new cover image) and not have to wait until after submitting. Here […]

Automated posting to wordpress from commandline or XMLRPC API on Dreamhost

I operate several wordpress sites on Dreamhost. I have some automated scripts that I want to be able to automatically post to the wordpress blogs. I can do this via a command-line tool or via the XML-RPC. Unfortunately: I can’t find a command line tool that will reliably post. (I have shell access on the […]

Is back-end access not required for an app to post to my blog?

I’ve recently installed a couple of apps (WordPress and BlogPad Pro) and I’m a bit surprised to see that they can indeed post to my blogs, even though I haven’t given them the renamed login and wp-admin pages that I set up through iThemes Security. My understanding was that posting could only happen “through” the […]

Saving two categories from two dropdowns in front end posting form

So, here’s the deal: I have two category dropdowns, the first for the parent categories and the second for the child categories. They form a chain so that when you select the parent category the second dropdown will be populated with its child categories. Here’s the code in the form itself: <script type=”text/javascript”> $(function() { […]

List custom post types in dropdown

I have three custom post types, each with around 5 taxonomies and 2 of the custom post types share two taxonomies. I’ve just about got everything set up for posting from the front end other than the part of a dropdown to show the post_types. As it is now front end posting works but, the […]

Is there an A/B testing plugin that lets you vary the heading, featured image, and content in a WordPress post?

If not, are there alternate solutions that can let me accomplish this? Do I need to develop my own plugin?

Is it possible to create nested lists in the WYSIWYG editor?

I’m looking to set up WP for a user that does not know or care about HTML, so I need everything to work in the WYSIWYG editor. She’ll be working on posts that have lots of nested bullet lists, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it work. Any thoughts? Tabbing didn’t […]