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Understand post type

I am a bit lost, even after searching answers qutie everywhere.. I am creating a theme for WordPress, and I would like to have three custom post types (gallery, audio and video). So I added the support into the theme: add_theme_support( ‘post-formats’, array( ‘gallery’, ‘video’, ‘audio’ ) ); But then what? I can choose via […]

Hide post if matches current month and year

I have here a query which display if it matches the current month and year published. The second one need to be the reverse one for the first code which display all post except the one that match the current month and year. // CURRENT MONTH AND YEAR ONLY <?php $current_year = date(‘Y’, current_time(‘timestamp’)); $current_month […]

UberMenu list current user's posts as menu items

I’m attempting to turn users‘ posts into menu items, without luck. Here’s what I have so far, but not working. I would like to use the Advanced custom content by adding a shortcode. add_shortcode( ‘current-posts’ , ‘ss_get_current_posts’ ); function ss_get_current_posts(){ global $current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); $author_query = array(‘posts_per_page’ => ‘-1′,’author’ => $current_user->ID); $author_posts = new WP_Query($author_query); while […]

Encrypt / Decrypt Post Title and Details

How can I tap into WordPress to Encrypt a post title and its details before it gets saved into the database? Then how do I tap into WordPress to Decrypt the post title and details before it gets shown again in the admin panel (so its readable again)

Batch process: remove first image from post content

I already added a featured post image to all my posts (>1000). Some posts (around 700) still have an image at the beginning of the post content. Now I need to remove all images which are right at the beginning of the post content. I need to leave the images untouched which are not at […]

Will post_exists work for draft posts?

Can i check if a post with the title “great title” exists even if this post status is set to “draft” with the function: post_exists(“great title”) ?

Visual / HTML tabs vanished on editor

The Visual / HTML tabs have vanished on the editor on posts and pages. I’m not sure when this happened, but I’ve tried deactivating my plugins with no joy. Any ideas? Thanks, Lucy

WordPress blog post cloned and stolen?

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this but last night i made a post on my wordpress powered blog here: then this morning i see this: Is this right? Can someone completely clone a post of mine or am i overreacting?

Single post as homepage?

I’m wanting to set a single post as my homepage. I have a photographer’s site. There are a few galleries (weddings, portraits etc). Each gallery is a wordpress post with attached images. The post itself has no content apart from the attached images and I then use the wordpress shortcode to display the attachments in […]

Cannot add / edit categories to a post anymore

I had to modify a published post and for some unknown reason, it removed the categories the post was in. I tried reassigning them, but it does not work: WordPress does not save the categories, so the post ends in the default “unclassified” category. I’ve checked and it happens also if I create a new […]